Beer Can Koozie: Beat the Heat & Keep Your Drink Chilled!

17th June 2022

Summer is at its peak, and we all love parties, going out with friends, and having fun together. There is something very special about summer that makes it a very joyous and exciting season. Plus, summer and our favourite drinks go hand in hand.

Who doesn’t love taking small sips of beer during this joyful season? Whether it’s a small get-together or a special occasion, you can hold a can of beer very frequently. And that’s pretty fair. Summer beer hits different!

However, one thing we don’t like about the weather is- the heat that warms up our beer cans. And that’s where a beer can koozie enters to beat the heat. Let’s talk about this. When we take our beer cans out of the fridge, it gets warm in just a few minutes.

No doubt the first sip feels very charming and refreshing, but when coming to the third or fourth sip, the beer gets warm, stale, and foamy. A beer can koozie or beer bottle cooler sleeve is produced to prevent all these troubles. So, what is a beer can koozie? Let’s discover it below!


Beer Can Koozie

A beer can koozie is a small, portable, and very effective product manufactured to keep your beer bottles and cans cold during this scorching weather. These handy tools are used to hold beer cans or bottles after taking them out of the refrigerator. They work as a can cover, used to keep the can or bottle protected from outside heat.

This product is so remarkable and cute that it’s called by different names. While we’re not sure if it’s the complete list, here are some different names of koozie- Beer can koozies, Coosies, Huggies, Beer huggers, Coolies, Beer sleeves, Beer jackets, Coldy-holder, Bottle jackets, Qoozies, and even just a drink holder. You might be thinking about how a beer can koozie or a beer can koozie works? So, let’s dive a little deeper and discover more.


How do beer can koozies work?

When it’s scorching outside, only a few minutes of exposure can elevate the temperature of your beer by 6 degrees. This is because when the condensation on the can is exposed to the air, it warms up, warming the beverage within. However, this can be prevented when you use a quality beer can koozie.

A beer can koozie works as a barrier between your can or bottle and the outside heat. It prevents outside temperature from affecting your drink. When you hold the beer can, your body’s temperature starts warming up the can. But when you put the can inside a koozie, it doesn’t let your hands touch the can directly. This way, it stops heat transfer and keeps the drink cold.

One more thing that a beer can koozie does is- it slows down the condensation process. Small water droplets start to develop outside the can or bottle when condensation happens. A koozie prevents those water droplets from coming in contact with the outside temperature and keeps the can cold longer. This drink holder provides several benefits, including:

  • It keeps your hands warm and the cans cold
  • It avoids water droplets developing on the surface, keeping it dry
  • It keeps your drinks refreshing for hours (after taking them out of the fridge)
  • It protects your bottles, preventing them from breaking
  • Koozies come in different colours, so your drinks don’t mix with other’s
  • Its matte finish prevents beer bottles and cans from falling off your hands
  • It’s not less than a style statement giving your cans a unique look
  • It allows you to drink your beer in front of kids without the need to hide it.


How long does a koozie keep beer cool?

You may believe that a koozie will keep your drink cold for a few minutes. But there’s more to come. A beer can koozie can keep your beverage cool for hours, depending on the type of koozie you choose. There are various types of koozies, from foam to plastic. But for us, a stainless steel koozie is the best. When compared to all, stainless steel made koozies kept the beer colder than anything else. Stainless steel is a sturdy material. Plus, it works to stop condensation better than any other material. If you invest in a quality koozie, you can savour every refreshing drop of your beer until it runs out.


Why is stainless steel the best?

For various reasons, stainless steel is an excellent choice for a beer can koozie. It is safe to use near moist drinks because it will not rust. It looks good, is safe to use, and lasts a long time. Because the metal used in a koozie must be able to endure the vacuum’s negative pressure, stainless steel is significantly more robust than many other materials. It also provides superior protection for your beer cans. Its weight keeps cans from toppling over and improves stability. Additionally, stainless steel beer can koozies with a silicone matte surface are available for a greater grip and hold.



Beer can koozie is indeed a very useful tool to have in summers, especially for those who love drinks. On the hottest days, koozies battle against the forces of nature to keep your drink extra cold. Koozies are perfect for even outside of your house. It can keep your beer chilled even if you sit under the sun. So, if you’re going out on a hot summer day, make sure to cover your drink with a koozie. However, ensure to get yourself a quality beer can koozie only. So, you won’t have to complain that it doesn’t work. To get the best quality koozie, you must visit Coolerr for sure.