Becoming a Bohemian Goddess: Why Boho Has Become the Hot Fashion Trend of 2019 OTS New

Are you a fashionista, but are done with expensive designers and brand-only styles? Do you want something simple and comfortable, yet totally chic? You’re not the only one. This is why the bohemian style is a hot fashion trend now.

Bohemian, also called boho, is a style derived from French artists after the French Revolution. Because they were often nomads, they dressed in old or cheap clothing. The clothing was often loose and colorful with unique patterns.

Because they were seen as “exotic,” it was rumored they originated in Bohemia, now known as the Czech Republic. This is why we call the style “bohemian.”

Today, bohemian fashion isn’t subjected to homeless artists. Here’s why bohemian fashion is trending and how to pull off this look.

Elements of Boho Style

While boho is a striking trend, it can be difficult to know how to rock a boho outfit. There’s so much color and so many patterns. In addition, many boho chic influencers wear many layers and have different accessories.

Here are a few main elements to know about this style.

Different Layers and Textures

As stated previously, the style derives from nomadic artists who wore whatever they could get their hands on. That’s why boho has a “no rules” approach when it comes to layers.

If anything, the only rule is to spice up your layers and play with different clothing materials.

Don’t feel wear about pairing a jacket with a floor-length dress on colder days. Are uneasy wearing a tunic with leggings? Wear a tunic with jeans. And you can never wear too much jewelry!

Try Natural Fabrics

If there’s one fabric rule you should know, it’s to try and wear as many natural fabrics as possible. This is actually a modern trend. In the boho scene, many trendsetters are fighting for holistic causes, such as non-GMO natural fabrics.


Since the bohemian style was started by artists, it’s no surprise that accessories are a core aspect of the bohemian trend. Not sure which accessories to buy? Click here for advice.


One of the reasons more people are obsessing over the bohemian style is it’s all about comfort. The materials are light, all of the clothing is loose, and even the shoes are comfortable.

This makes bohemian pieces perfect to wear to the grocery store, to a pub or a club, and is especially perfect for a music festival.

If you’re uncomfortable in your outfit, you’re not doing bohemian right.

Patterns and Prints

Since boho is popular amongst artists, clothing designers go all out with prints. Look for pieces with the most unique, eye-catching, eclectic, and even ethnic prints. If you want to start with a specific print, floral prints are very popular.

Colorful…But Only Certain Colors

While the boho style is colorful, only certain colors are considered bohemian. You can see blues, yellows, red, and even pinks in bohemian fashion. However, neons aren’t bohemian. To stay on the safe side, only wear neutrals and natural colors.

Be Mindful About Matching Colors

In addition to wearing certain colors, you’ll only want to match certain colors. While the bohemian style is striking, it’s easy to not match colors and end up looking tacky. Stick to complimentary colors, for example, red and pink.

Worst come to worst, only pair colors with neutrals.

Big Is In

Another bohemian staple and a major reason why these clothes are comfortable is because of the size of the clothes.

Flare jeans and pants, high-waisted pants and shorts, maxi skirts and dresses, anything with frills — the bigger and looser, the better.

Types of Boho Chic

Now that you know the boho rules, you can start wearing boho clothes! Fortunately, there are different types of boho. Read through this list and find a boho style that fits you.

Romantic Boho

Are you a simple person who loves comfortable clothes, while looking sexy? You’re called the “romantic boho.” This is a softer version of the boho style.

You likely enjoy wearing lace pieces and may have a weak spot for floral patterns. Vintage pieces also look great on this bohemian girl.

Classy Boho

Classy boho uses vintage pieces but wears them in a classic way. They tend toward neutral and dark colors, opting for luxurious fabrics such as velvet. They’re particular about prints, opting for jacquard print over floral print.

Boho Hippie

This is the main style when people think of “boho.”

The hippie movement of the ’70s blends perfectly with the boho ideology. Nomadic and artistic individuals who rebel against society. They forfeit all material possessions and only require cheap clothing.

Many people see hippie boho as a way of life rather than a trend. But if you look at bohohippie for the style aspect, then opt for colorful prints and comfortable pieces.

You can also combine a little bit of the classy and hippie boho looks for a well-rounded approach to the bohemian look.

Boho Outfit Ideas

Still need more help creating a boho wardrobe? Here are some boho outfit ideas.

Flare Pants and Tank Tops

While boho encompasses flowy and larger pieces, it’s best to mix them up with a slim-fitting piece. Flare pants and jeans are staples of boho fashion. To avoid looking drab, wear a fitted top such as a tank top to create natural curves.

A Closet Full of Dresses

There are so many different types of boho dresses, it’s just easier to say fill your closet full of all of them. From neutral-colored dresses to maxi dresses to patterned dresses to colorful dresses to lace dresses…the ideas can go on forever.

Patterned Top and Shorts

This is a good outfit to become used to the bohemian style. Find a patterned top in a popular print such as Mandala art print or Moroccan print and pair it with a pair of denim shorts.

Ready to Try this Hot Fashion Trend?

Bohemian is a hot fashion trend now. From flowing dresses to eye-popping patterns, everyone will find something about the boho style they’ll love.

Are you ready to start shopping? You need to know where to look. Fortunately, you can easily find a boutique. Search our business directory for a bohemian designer or store near you or online.