Woodlands are delighted that their Outreach Programme has been chosen to benefit from the Co-op Local Community Fund.

At a time when funds for community groups and charitable organisations are becoming more difficult to access, they are incredibly grateful for this opportunity to make a real difference in their local area; Lancashire and Merseyside.

Woodlands would like to extend and expand their outreach work in the community to engage with more people of all ages and backgrounds.  Their aim is to educate and inform both children and adults, about how to care for both pets and native wildlife.  Their team also visits care and nursing homes with a selection of their resident animals to provide stimulation and interest to patients, particularly those with dementia.

Woodlands work with local special needs schools to offer volunteering opportunities to young people, such as students with autism. They also provide volunteering opportunities to people of all ages with mental health issues. Whilst animal welfare is the prime purpose of Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, another important aim of theirs is to engage with many different parts of the community to benefit both people and animals, including native wildlife, especially hedgehogs.

Woodlands will be looking to Co-op members to help them raise vital funds, to support the development of this scheme.  When a member buys selected products or services from the Co-op they earn a five per cent reward for themselves, with a further one per cent for local causes like Woodlands.

The Co-op looks to support organisations that make a difference in their local communities by protecting & improving community spaces, helping people reach their full potential by developing their skills, or promoting health and wellbeing.

Co-op members can choose a cause by going online www.coop.co.uk/membership. The team at Woodlands really hope that people will visit the website and choose to support them.  If you’re not a Co-op member and would like to support them, you can join at your local store or online at www.coop.co.uk.

When a community comes together they’re able to achieve great things, so the whole team at Woodlands hope you can help promote their project. For more information please visit https://www.woodlandsanimalsanctuary.org.uk/education/