Rabbit hutches bath street

Bath Street ‘Rabbit hutches’ turned down by Inspector.

A conversion of a building in Bath Street, Southport into five  flats which were mostly ‘rabbit hutches’ have been turned down on appeal from the owners  by the Planning Inspectorate. 

Local Town Centre councillor Tony Dawson said:

“I am not always the greatest fan of the Planning Inspectorate but it seems to me that they have got it right her. The owners had converted this building before seeking planning permission which is not a very wise thing to do at the best of times if it can be avoided.  It is worse if you are creating ‘rabbit hutches’.

“In this case, however, the action was even less sensible as these units created were nearly all sub-size. It is completely reasonable for the council to set some sort of standards as to how many people can be cooped up in how small a s