Bar refuses to pay taxi fare for glassing victim

26th July 2017

A Southport bar has refused to pay the taxi fare for the victim of a horrific 'glassing attack' after he was taken to hospital.

Alan Wiles was passing the Foghorn Bar on Scarisbrick Avenue on Monday evening when he was struck by a glass which had been thrown out of the bar by an inebriated punter.

Suffering from cuts and bruises, Alan was taken to hospital where he received treatment for his injuries.

By the time he was released from hospital he was unable to take public transport and had to pay £7.50 for a cab home.

However when he confronted bar staff at the Foghorn, they refused to pay the fare as an act of compensation.

It's understood the decision to refuse the compensation to Mr Wiles was taken by Foghorn managers working directly under the Britannia Hotels label.