Banished millionaire, Phil Hodgkinson says his takeover bid was blatantly ignored before Southport sold the club to new owners last week.

In a post to fan forum Portchat, Hodgkinson said he was ‘going nowhere’ and promised fans he wouldn’t give up in a bid to buy out the club.

Phil said: “There is no ego here, just a desire to bring a once great club back to life and be the envy of its neighbours and the rest of the non league.

Whatever happens after that is stuff of fairytales, but hey, why can’t we dream together?

There will be some who say going public is unprofessional, but I want you all to know that under my stewardship there would be openness and communication, along with togetherness and mutual respect.

I also want to ensure that the rumours (and they are rumours) mentioned above are put to bed as the inaccurate untruths of negative spin.

My only concern and goal is to realise the clear potential this club and town has, and I will do it positively and with a smile at all times, along with my team, if I ever get the chance.”