Bakers donate pies and cakes to Southport foodbank

27th March 2020

On Wednesday, some of our Southport town centre officers were stopped by staff of local bakers, with an offer of some pies and cakes that were going to go to waste, due to the shops closing due to the Covid-19 situation. As there were no doughnuts, Southport police made some calls, and pictured below is town centre PCSO 0196, donating the food to the Shoreline Church foodbank on Mornington Road. Hope someone enjoyed them.

Last night our North Sefton Team continued patrols of the Southport area, Two of our PCSO ‘s were out on the bikes again in the Churchtown, Crossens and Marshside areas, while other officers were out in vehicles. The area was much quieter and we thank all those who stayed at home last night.

We stopped outside Southport Fire and Ambulance Station at 8:00PM ourselves to show our appreciation and to join in the round of applause for NHS staff, including our paramedic colleagues. We even had some residents clapping us as we passed houses on patrol. Thanks to all who took part.

Meanwhile our police officers arrested a 49 year old woman who was wanted on warrant for failing to appear in court. That work continues, irrespective of the virus situation.

Please continue to help us stay safe today by staying home and only leaving home for the specific reasons of food shopping, medical supplies and care visits. Keep exercise sessions local to your home.