Automotive marketing strategies for 2022

24th January 2022

The automotive industry dominates a large space in the marketing world – people will always need a place to buy cars, so there’s certainly no lack of dealerships to choose from. This is why it’s so important to meticulously plan out your marketing strategy for the coming year, and make sure that you’re standing out above the rest.  When it comes to nft marketing, it is important to target your audience correctly. You must understand their needs, wants, and expectations so that you can create campaigns that are relevant to them.

Read on as we talk you through some of our tips and tricks to ensure that your marketing is both effective and generates the most leads to your automotive business.

Make sure you’re targeting the right audience

Before you begin putting together your strategy, you need to identify who your typical customer is – or who you want them to be. Strategies will differ depending on the market that your dealership operates in. For example, a luxury vehicle such as Porsche and Lamborghini will be marketed in a very different way to vehicles in a used car dealerships or even compared to a more affordable brand of car such as Honda or Toyota. The prospective customers for each of these automotive categories will have widely different concerns, questions and needs when it comes to making that final purchase.

One way of honing in on the behaviours and requirements of your prospects is by implementing call tracking software across all marketing channels. Call tracking allows you to monitor each part of the buyer’s journey, from the initial engagement all the way to that final conversion step. Using dynamic number insertion will allow you to deploy unique, trackable numbers across each of your marketing assets, and track the origin of each call that you receive. From here, you can also identify which of your channels are producing the most leads.

You can find out more about how call tracking can help you tailor your marketing content to the right audiences here:

Focus on building trust

Buying a car is a big decision, and one that your potential customers won’t take lightly. Because of this, prospects will spend longer researching before they reach out, and make that purchase, in comparison to other industries. As marketers, we must take this into account, and let it inform our marketing decisions in 2022.

Customer reviews are arguably the most effective marketing strategy for the automotive industry. You need to ensure that the overwhelming majority of reviews are not only positive, but that they showcase the best of your abilities. Previous customers’ glowing reviews can be one of the most influential tools in your marketing arsenal – so dedicating time and effort into maintaining a high standard is extremely important.

You can capitalise on these positive reviews even further by putting together complete customer testimonials and promoting them across your web and social channels.

Stay close to your competitors

It might sound like a no-brainer, but ensuring that you’re keeping up with the trends is the best marketing strategy for any business, but particularly in the automotive industry. You need to monitor what your competitors are up to, and how they are marketing their own products.

Keeping track of your competitors’ marketing activity is also a great way to ensure that you are always offering something different and unique to your shared target audience. For example, if none of your competing dealerships are running interactive campaigns, but you have data to support the idea that the automotive audiences respond well to this tactic, that should give you the extra push to jump in and make that idea your own!

Similarly, if you find that your competitors are getting great results from implementing a certain offer at their dealership, then you may want to hop on that trend and create a unique offer of your own.

2022 is sure to present its challenges for the automotive industry – amongst many others – but armed with these strategies and insights, you will be a step ahead of your competitors.