Photo: Gate post chalked

On Thursday morning Southport resident Lesley Griffiths had an awful experience of three men attempted to steal her dogs from inside her family home.

Southport resident Lesley said:

“Just after 8am, three very shady looking blokes pulled up to the front of my house with the intention of stealing my dogs, unbeknown to me and my family, my gate post had been chalked, this apparently is a sign used by theses scum bags that there are dogs inside the property, they had watch our routine when my family go to work then come and steal, but they were foiled when my son met them at the door, and confronted them..

These ‘ba*t@rds’ need to be stopped they chloroform the dogs keep the ones that can make them money and kill or badly hurt the ones that are of no use to them.

“The van was a white dispatch van with blacked out rear windows, they lease the vans for about a month, then move area and do the same thing, the police have been informed.

To all my  please share so we can try stop this happening, this time I was lucky but it could have been a very different story and makes me sick to the stomach”


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