A Clifton Road resident spotted at hooded man in the rear of her Clifton Road family home this morning, Tuesday 18  August 2015.

A resident disturbed the male at around 6.30am and called the police.

The resident said:

“This is the second time we have been targeted in recent weeks, please everyone be aware and make sure all windows and doors are locked.

Merseyside police are investigating and call upon people to take more time to secure their property and deter thieves.

It is vital that we all do everything we can to stop these people in their tracks.

“It doesn’t take long to double-check you’ve locked up your house or car properly and it could save you the hours of stress and upset that come with being burgled.”

LSimple steps to deter burglars and car thieves, include:

Lock front and back doors when you are elsewhere in the house or in your back garden

Make sure you lock UPVC doors properly by lifting the handle and turning the key

Make use of your burglar alarm when you are going out or to bed at night

Keep valuables such as laptops, phones and handbags out of sight and away from windows where someone peering in can spot them

Don’t leave valuables on display in your vehicle – take them with you or, if you can’t, at least put them out of sight in the boot

Always lock your vehicle, even if only leaving it unattended for a few moments, and activate the alarm.