Photo: Ice rink in the Town Hall Gardens  

Now the festive period is over we can reflect upon Southport’s first real ice rink…..

BID Manager, Andrew Sloman said:  “We were delighted to be able to bring a genuine ice rink to Southport for the festive period this year. We know it’s something the people of the town have wanted for a long time and with the extra investment and activity made possible through Southport BID it was a pleasure to be able to make it possible for so many people to enjoy real ice skating in the heart of the town”.

Penny Sitting Pretty Bennett said: “For an inexperienced skater it was perfect, yes it was small but ideal for those not so confidant. Really pleased the BID team have given it a go, onwards and upwards for next year”.

Coral Myerscough-Twaits said:  “Compared to Liverpool Southport is going down hill fast, well unless you want a coffee, the ice rink over priced especially if u as others have said have more than one child, children 5-8 had to be supervised so child was £7.00 adult 8.50 the skating aids for kids 3.00 on top and was only 45 mins session and was so small…the decorations down Lord street were awful the ones in East Bank st looked better, was very disappointed in Southport this Christmas no wonder people go to Liverpool one now”.

Kelly Marshall said: “Staff where amazing and Friendly and for a first time skater it was great. Would like to see a larger more permanent one!
We loved it yea it was pricy but isn’t everything now a days!
My son ab loved it … well done to all that worked there!”

 Baiba Leimane said: “We skate for only 20 mins because the incident took place on the ice … did not inform us what to do next … paid by anything … skates were wet … bear we to wait 10 min, can’t found keys. We felt … what you want here, go home, we all anyway…bad”.

Dan Willans said: “Expensive for a single dad of three. Kids loved it but after I’d forked out a small fortune was told that the same size rink was in Skelmersdale for half the price. Will do some more research next year”.

Ian Williamson said: “I went skating in my freezer, on an ice-cube.. too small, too expensive, only skated for 20 mins due to incident, no refund or part refund or ticket for another session. Wet skates, not enough normal sizes. Done properly this would be great, done half-heartily, like this is, it’s a piece of crap”.

Stuart Allister said: “I actually laughed out loud when I got up close to the marquee to see the rink was one-third of the size that it seems from a distance. … I thought why would spend money and time basically standing on an ice cube and just spinning round in circles … I suppose it would appear big ‘ ish to a 3-year-old ..the people I witnessed all just looked embarrassed and awkward all shuffling round in a tiny circle …my advice is spend the money you spanked on Southport’s frozen beer mat and use it to travel to a FULL SIZE rink like the one in Blackpool”.

Chris York said: “Bit pricey and too small and not enough skates in average sizes…but can’t fault the staff there…both my girls had nasty falls but the care they received was excellent…let’s have a permanent place in town…use old casino on lord Street. has parking at the back!! Someone could make a mint if done properly”

Michelle Murphy said: “Brilliant me and my children really enjoyed it!”

Julie Miller said: “Total rubbish  11.50 for skating and snowman aid for an hr and you couldn’t swing a cat in there! No thanks for next Xmas total rip off!! No good for people with more than one child”.

Martin Greenwood said: “Expensive skating on something the size of a A4 piece of paper lol”
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