Photo: Photographer Gary Gray

By Anton Dolders, Regional Chair of Arts at Macmillan Cancer Support

Winner of Country File’s Photographer of The Year Award in 2010, Gary Gray, professes one of the motivating factors behind his art as being: “to capture that moment of light”.

Gary Gray 3 Catbells

However,  Gary enjoys outdoor life and also explained that the preludes and experiences involved in taking a photograph: the trek; it’s views;  weather conditions and stimulus of senses and imagination, are as equally appreciated as that moment and are part of it. His photographs represent  pinnacle stages within episodes of his life.

Gary Gray arnside sunset

Gary goes to great and sometimes treacherous lengths to reach an intended scene: much of his work takes place in The Lake District and Scotland. His portrayal of land and waterscapes is varied, ranging from tranquil, relaxing lowland scenery to dramatically rugged mountainous terrain.  He also enjoys photographing and sometimes digitally manipulating photographs of architecture in Merseyside and Lancashire. His knowledge of digital image enhancement is extensive.

Gary Gray ferry on the mersey1_pe

Gary’s career as a photographer has spanned over thirty years and he has transferred from the use of film cameras to digital formats successfully. He described how digital photography is very suited for his style of work and he even proclaims it as “more responsive to the situation” because it provides well for photography involving time limitations, geographical isolation and necessity for certain light conditions.  He finds the immediate viewing and rapid settings adjustments facilitated by digital cameras very useful. If you would like to talk to Gary about his experiences and skills as a photographer, he will be in Cambridge Walks Gallery, Southport, PR8 1EN on Thursdays 26th November and 3rd December . His work will also be included in the Sefton Groups and Societies Exhibition which opens in The Atkinson on Saturday 28th November. For full details of Art For Macmillan’s exhibitions and events look at our website: