by Regional Chair of Arts at Macmillan Cancer Support Anton Dolders

Polish artist, Piotr Brzezinski has been drawing and painting since childhood and has honoured Southport with his creative skills since settling here in 2008. He has a considerable talent for mixing art media paying particular attention to combining acrylic paints, pencil and inks.

Piotr has a had a myriad of educational and life experiences, having worked in both Poland and Britain as a product designer; freelance artist and frame decorator. He also spent two summers working in an archaeological museum in his home town of Wielun. Piotr said that each of these occupations has influenced his artwork. I think this is evident when analysing his picture entitled “Grumpy”, a figurative illustration created in pencil and ink. The work appears to encompass themes of toil and ancient culture, which are not merely present in the subjects and compositional choices involving foreground placement of characters and apparent complimentary and possibly subservient back up figures but through the manner in which this composition is achieved. There is use of bold contrasty shading combined with fine line marks to construct Neolithic forms and ancient fossilized people repatriated into a present chronological setting as suggested by certain modern garments. The characters and composition appear to me as literal embodiments of archaic ambience created through use of almost petrified graphics. The background provides an authentic, pertinent base: it is an arid timeworn expanse.

Piotr Brezinski 1FMuch of Piotr’s work bares the themes of ancient tract and personage present in Grumpy as he has applied his techniques and style to portraying local land and waterscapes.

Piotr said: “I have discovered the beauty of local landscapes, especially the soothing loveliness of the coast”

His depictions of the local coastline successfully capture it’s tranquil yet awe inspiring qualities; light is used well to outline the natural beauty of our coast’s essence and contours.

Piotr is a dedicated member of the Southport Art Scene. His work has been featured in exhibitions at  Southport Contemporary Art’s Arthouse; The Pallette Club Open Exhibition which took place in The Atkinson towards the end of last year; Waterfront Arts Project and his much discussed piece “Grumpy” is now on display in Cambridge Walks Gallery where we hope it’s sale will help further raise funds for the provision of care for cancer sufferers.

Cambridge Walks Gallery, 12 Cambridge Walks, Southport, PR8 1EN      

Opening times

Tues – Sat 10.30am – 5.15pm

Sundays 11am – 5pm

For full details regarding Art For Macmillan’s activities and exhibitions look online:

P.S. A massive thanks to OTS News as three of the artworks featured in the Art For Macmillan artist blog over the past  two weeks have sold in Cambridge Walks Gallery. Sale of “Perky Penguins” by Pauline McNulty and “Zentangle Owl” and “Zentangle Fox” by Sharon Fleming has raised £40 for Macmillan Cancer Support putting the total at £8983.83p.

ots-southport-artSharon Fleming C copySharon Fleming 2

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