Armed burglary foiled in High Park

An early hours armed burglary was foiled in High Park today, but terrified residents are warning others to be on their guard.

A house on Byrom Street was targeted in the early hours of this morning, Saturday 7th October, but the intruders were foiled by an eagle eyed neighbour disturbed from their sleep.

Intruders were seen by a neighbour lurking around in the street before entering the side access to a residential garden and attempting to break into a shed.

The police were called once but failed to attend.

They were then called again 20 minutes or so later and they finally attended but the intruders had fled leaving behind the weapons they had tried to break in with.

They were not caught but witnesses describe the pair as aged in their late twenties to early thirties.

One had cropped blond hair but there is no description of the other.

They are now warning other High Park neighbours to be vigilant and make sure that they secure their out buildings