Arcade bosses speak out after OTS reveals sad state of resort gem

5th February 2020

Just months after proudly boasting of a bustling shopping centre, bosses at Wayfarer’s Arcade say they will have to take major steps to change its fortunes.

OTS revealed last month how the shopping Arcade is now a desolate landscape from the once popular and bustling iconic Southport destinations.

Now the arcade’s owners say they are forced to ‘market and upgrade it’ to try and encourage shops to return.

With the loss of Beales, Dad’s Guitars, Brickcraft and more, only a handful of units are now occupied.

Andrew Perloff of Panther Securities who own Wayfarer’s Arcade said “we are looking for alternatives for users of the arcade as smaller traders can’t seem to make a living even though the rents are low and they don’t have to pay business rates.

“We are looking to talk to a few people in the near future and we are hoping some will take double or triple units.”

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