Appeal to find dog owner after vicious attack in Southport

31st October 2015

A daughter of a Southport woman whose dog was viciously attacked in the town centre last weekend has made the following appeal find the owner of the two dogs.

Leanne wrote: “This was the man with the two staff/pitbull (?) crossbreed dogs that attacked my mum and dad’s small cocker spaniel outside WHSmiths (around the corner of the shop in this photo) in Southport for no reason at all, on Sunday 25th October, around 11am. The man was tying the dogs up when they both got loose and ran towards my parents dog. The brown dog in the photo latched onto his tail whilst the black one joined in biting his legs, in trying to save their dog from the vicious attack both my mum and dad were bitten, with both needing medical attention…. the skin on my mums hand completely torn off… after taking the injured dog to the vets”.

Following the attack this man left the scene with the dogs!

“There were lots of people around, at the time, I am appealing for any witnesses of this attack or anyone who can identify this man to come forward; please message me or contact Southport Police Station. We are all very concerned that these dogs will attack again, this time it was an innocent dog, next time it could be another or a child!”

“My parents would also like to thank everybody who helped drag the dogs off, contacted the police, pointed out where the hospital was and especially the very kind man who took them to the local vets in his own car. My mum and dad were on holiday and they had walked into the centre, so had no idea where to go so this was a real help”.

“Thank you please please share! With the power of social media we can stop this happening again and get this man bought to justice”.

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