Appeal for information after Eastbank Street bike theft

23rd June 2018

Appeal for information after Eastbank Street bike theft

A Southport is asking for your help to trace the person(s) who stole a locked bike from Eastbank street today.

Jan Haynes said:

If anyone sees this bike or anyone trying to sell one it’s mine, robbed from Eastbank Street bridge 23/6 – it’s a Ladies Carerra.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Merseyside Police on 101.

CCTV appeal following a bike theft in Churchtown

Police offer advice after Marshside bike thefts

There has been an increase in the number of bikes being stolen, particularly in the Marshside area of Southport.

In some cases the details of the thefts have been posted onto social media sites, but not reported to the police.

Whilst we understand the reasons why social media is used this way, and it does have it’s uses, it is not part of the legal process.

Without a report of the theft being made through the correct channels, we cannot begin to investigate these crimes.

In some cases, CCTV of thefts may be available, but without the details of the original owner, statements, the make model and colour of the bike etc. we are unable to take action.

Please help us to make arrests and recover stolen property by reporting crime to us by any of the methods in the image accompanying this message.

NO complaints have been made of bikes that have been locked using a ‘D’ lock like the one shown, locked to a post or similar unmovable object.

Buy a cheap lock and they can simply be cut through. So invest in the best quality ‘D’ lock you can afford and take measures to keep your bike safe and secure.

Watch out for details of bike registration events too, where details of bikes can be recorded to help us get them back to their owners.