Appeal For information after vehicle damaged in hit-and-run incident

14th January 2022

A heartbroken motorist is appealing for help after their parked car was badly damaged in a hit and run incident.

The collision occurred on Tuesday night around 5pm on Mornington Road close to Southport College.

The driver was parked up at the time and inside their car when it was struck but has no footage of their own to supply to police.

While police have been informed the owner is taking it upon themselves to try and gather as much evidence as possible to track down the driver who struck their car.

They said: “It’s been reported to the police and I am hoping they can look at the traffic lights camera but it’s all “maybe”.

“I noticed someone was parked opposite me with their lights on too and they may have caught the whole thing on theirs dashcam or anyone driving by.”

“The car drove off and turned down Hawesside Street which is off Mornington Road.”