Merseyside Police has recorded a fall in the number of reported incidents of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage on what is one of the Force’s busiest nights of the year.
Officers were called to 5 per cent fewer of these types of incidents compared to the same date last year and managed to get to 93 per cent of all grade one emergency incidents within the target time of ten minutes and 96 per cent of grade two calls.
The reductions build on falls achieved in previous years and follow months of careful planning by the police, colleagues in the fire and ambulance service, and local councils.
The commander for the policing operation, Superintendent Rowley Moore, said the reductions meant that the vast majority of people had listened to advice about how to enjoy the evening safely and sensibly.
He said: “A massive amount of effort and planning has gone into tonight’s operation and I am delighted that we have built on previous year’s achievements and again reduced crime despite it traditionally being a very busy period.
“The vast majority of young people have taken advantage of the many different events that were put on for them and I’m sure they will have had a great time. We have been out in force tonight to tackle people committing crime, not stop people having fun, and I think we have achieved that.
“Anti-social behaviour can have a real effect on people’s lives and where serious crimes have been committed, we have made sure our officers have got to the people who needed help and dealt swiftly with the problem.
“I can assure people that we will carry on with that successful approach for the rest of the Halloween and Bonfire period and make sure that people feel safe when they are out enjoying the organised events taking place this week.”
There were 39 arrests made across the whole of the force area during the operation compared to 49 in 2011.
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