An Easy Guide To Sending Unaccompanied Baggage Abroad

3rd December 2021

Although most people will want to travel with their luggage, there are some cases when it might be wise to send it to an unaccompanied destination. However, this can be a stressful prospect for many people since they fear losing their belongings due to theft or accident. Luckily, it isn’t quite as challenging or scary as you might first imagine. This guide discusses some of the key points you need to know before sending your luggage internationally and unaccompanied.

Why Might You Need To Send Your Baggage Unaccompanied?


There are numerous reasons why people do this almost every day. Generally, people simply don’t want the hassle of hauling their luggage on a trip that is already stressful in many ways. Sending unaccompanied baggage via specialized services can make for a far less stressful experience. You may also want to ship your stuff in advance so that your belongings are ready for use immediately when you arrive home. However, other reasons can include:


  • Sending items to family abroad.
  • You have specialist cargo that must be transported in a specific manner.
  • You have too much baggage for one trip.
  • Your luggage is oversized and must be transported separately.
  • You are starting university in a different country.
  • You are moving to a foreign country for whatever reasons.


Whatever your reason, you can do this through a variety of services. However, you should take some things into account before you decide to use these services. For example, when you are shipping luggage to another country, you will have to consider the various customs laws and possible bag services that may arise. You will also need to consider insuring your items in case they are lost in transit. But what are the main aspects that you must consider when deciding to send baggage unaccompanied?


A Few Things To Consider


As previously hinted at, there are several aspects that you must take care of before you can be confident that your luggage will arrive at its destination hassle-free.


Customs Laws


Customs law is a set of legal rules and regulations that govern the import and export of goods. With the assistance of a customs broker, a cargo owner can avoid any unnecessary penalties or fines. Some basic rules that you should keep in mind before shipping your baggage unaccompanied:


  • You must inform your carrier about any items that might be prohibited.
  • Inform your carrier if you have any valuables or prohibited items in your baggage. 
  • If you are carrying a firearm for a lawful sporting purpose, make sure to declare it to the carrier.
  • You need to provide a declaration letter from your home country’s embassy stating the purpose of the firearm and its date of arrival.


A reputable company can either advise you on the specific steps to take or may even be able to handle most of the heavy lifting on your behalf.


Calculate The Fees Involved


Airlines have several different rates for luggage depending on weight and where it is going. You can find more information about this from your airline or the airport website before your flight. Furthermore, it is often cheaper to send a lot of stuff via shipping freight than via air. It will take longer and require a slightly different process, but the money saved can be substantial.


Think About Insurance


It is advisable to get unaccompanied baggage insurance for peace of mind. Theft and loss of luggage is a primary concern for many travellers, meaning it is best to protect your belongings by getting insurance. Some of the main benefits that you get from investing in insurance include:


  • Safety: this type of insurance will help you if your airline loses, steals, or damages your luggage.
  • Money: this type of insurance can save you money if your luggage gets lost, stolen, or damaged by the airline as it will cover any additional costs and fees, such as baggage replacement and medical expenses incurred as a result.
  • Peace of Mind: this type of insurance gives you peace of mind when travelling. If something goes wrong with your bag, you can be assured that it will be taken care of, and you will have no financial worries.


Cut Out The Hassle By Using A Service


If you’re moving your belongings from one country to another, then it’s essential that you use the services of a company that offers this service. They specialize in international baggage shipping and can help you transport all your things safely and efficiently. When you use a global shipping company, they will take care of all the transportation details for you, including customs and immigration clearance that would have otherwise been a hassle for someone unfamiliar with these procedures. Second, there are usually cheaper rates than what would be available at the airport. Finally, it is much easier for them to track down lost luggage if there are any problems during transit. In addition to this, these companies usually include durable packing boxes as part of their fees, so your belongings are protected during transit.

Know What You Cannot Ship


Although many countries will have their own lists of items that are banned from entering their borders, there are some things that are the same worldwide. These often include:


  • Aerosols
  • Alcoholic 
  • Ammunition
  • Cigarettes
  • Weapons
  • Explosives
  • Gasoline


You should also understand the laws of countries like Australia have extremely draconian laws surrounding what is not permitted to enter. This is due to the fragile ecosystem where any foreign contaminants could destroy vast swathes of the environment. You should check in advance to see if anything you intend to send can enter the country or if you will be slapped with a hefty fine when you pick up your baggage.


Sending your luggage unaccompanied might seem like a scary thing to do, but there are many ways in which you can do it safely and without incident. The main thing is to do your research and check for costs and laws. It can be helpful to use the services of dedicated companies that specialize in this area if you’re not sure where to start.