Allotment owner left ‘heartbroken’ by vandal rampage

An allotment owner has been left totally “heartbroken” after their beloved project was smashed into hundreds of pieces by an unidentified group of vandals.

The allotment patch, situated at the Birkdale Irrigation Allotment site, was totally ruined after mindless vandals smashed it up, leaving owner Baiba Leimane totally heartbroken.

Police have been informed.

Baiba said “These vandals have broke my heart in a thousand pieces.

“This three year job is now destroyed. The police are informed.

To Those who did this :”Do you respect and love yourself?” Why did you have to destroy our work? Go to the boxing room, the gym if you wanted to put up energy.

“I’m broken to the depths of my heart, and I don’t know or I’ll be able to recover.

“My whole heart was in the garden.

“If someone knows or is able to dissuade them from what they are doing. Please help. Please report to the police. Don’t let then wreck our dreams and love for the garden.

“Vandalism is crime. You destroyed all what I love.”