All you Need to know about the Mommy Makeover

7th June 2024

It is said that women carry the scars of pregnancy for the entirety of their lives. While the statement holds its weight in a poetic sense, it shouldn’t be interpreted literally; especially in the present aeon. This is because cosmetology and aesthetic medicine have evolved to a point where it can make a woman look and feel the same way as she was before giving birth. Broadly speaking, in non-scientific terms, this procedure is referred to as the mommy makeover.

In a city such as Dubai, which is home to a multi-ethnic population, it’s only natural that there are quite a few mommy makeover Dubai options, which we will shed light on in this article. So, keep reading.


What is a Mommy Makeover?

Simply put, it is a series of cosmetic surgeries aimed at restoring your pre-pregnancy appearance. Based on your preferences, it could encompass a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction, and a vaginoplasty, commonly referred to as a vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

Keep in mind, every time you have a baby, you will be back to square one – meaning that if you want to look great again, you’ll have to take the procedure again. However, it’s not as anxiety-inducing or expensive as it might seem. Mommy makeover is essentially a minimally invasive surgery procedure, and if you live in Dubai, you know just how common a procedure is plastic surgery in Dubai.

So, the good news is, it will not set you back thousands and thousands of dirhams. There are a plethora of cosmetology centers and aesthetic clinics offering mommy makeover surgery. Our top picks include Dubai London Hospital, Novomed, and Cocoona Clinic.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into each component of the surgery.


Breast Lift & Augmentation

One of the most evident changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy and post-birth happens in the chest region. Not only does the chest expand, the breasts become saggy, and appear more deflated. Your breasts will appear larger, more symmetrical, and fuller after a breast augmentation. Typically, silicone or saline implants are inserted to achieve best results.

Similar to breast augmentation, a breast lift surgery involves reducing the breast skin envelope, while moving the areola and nipple to a more anatomically appropriate spot. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t require any insertion of implants, and is usually performed in tandem with breast augmentation.

For optimal results, it’s recommended to undergo the complete mommy makeover procedure rather than isolated treatments, because then you will end up with a bizarre and unappealing figure. 



An effective surgical technique for permanently removing extra fat from hard-to-reach places is liposuction. With suction technology, the fat is eliminated, providing a perfectly contoured profile that is unattainable with diet and exercise alone. Liposuction is not a treatment for losing weight. You don’t lose a lot of weight with this treatment; instead, the fat that is removed helps to improve the intended area’s shape.



Several procedures are used in vaginal rejuvenation surgery to enhance the size, form, and functionality of the vaginal region. The soft tissue structures that may have been stressful and embarrassing for you can be restored with the aid of these operations. Furthermore, vaginal births may cause the vaginal canal to expand; which could take the pleasure out of intercourse, among other discomforts. Vaginoplasty helps address these challenges

This procedure encompasses vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, labia majoraplasty, monsplasty, and clitoral hood reduction.


Tummy Tuck

During pregnancy, substantial weight fluctuations occur over a relatively short span of time (typically 9 months). The expansion of the uterus can lead to permanent stretching of the Linea Alba, a connective tissue structure running through the abdominal muscles, resulting in a condition known as diastasis recti. This stretching is directly correlated with an increase in abdominal girth, which cannot be rectified through diet and exercise alone. An abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, is required to address this issue.

In addition to the rapid expansion of the abdomen during pregnancy followed by weight loss, many women experience sagging abdominal tissue and skin in the lower abdomen. Pregnancy often causes tears in the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in the development of stretch marks, which are permanent and not effectively treated with topical creams or laser therapy. Over time, these stretch marks typically lighten in color, but may remain visible. An abdominoplasty involves the removal of excess skin and underlying fatty tissue from the lower abdomen, where most pregnancy-related stretch marks occur, leading to a noticeable reduction in their visibility.

Since an abdominoplasty involves the removal of excess skin and results in a tightening effect on the abdomen, significant weight gain following the procedure can lead to irreversible damage to the remaining abdominal skin and reverse the results of the surgery. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain a stable weight and avoid significant weight fluctuations for at least 6 months prior to undergoing an abdominoplasty.



A mommy makeover is a great option for all the women who aspire to achieve their pre-pregnancy figure. This minimally invasive procedure is performed by a team of expert plastic surgeons who reverse the effects of childbirth on your body to restore your confidence and enhance your appearance.