During Alcohol Awareness Week, November 17-23, Sefton Council is supporting the latest campaign from Drink Wise: ‘Let’s Look Again at Alcohol – Alcohol and Childhood don’t mix’.

The initiative is aimed at raising awareness of the negative consequences of drinking alcohol around children and calling for restrictions of all alcohol marketing to prevent young people from drinking heavily and at an early age.

Drink Wise have carried out their own research which reveals 2.1 million children in England have been badly affected by someone else’s drinking- whether this is a friend, family member or complete stranger.

Cllr Paul Cummins, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Older People and Health, said: “It is clear that we must do more to keep alcohol away from children. We need to educate children and young people about the dangers. But we also need to acknowledge that if children are surrounded by a world of drink they are more likely to drink heavily themselves in later life.”

Other key findings from Drink Wise research shows children who are exposed to a lot of alcohol advertising, are more likely to drink heavily and to start drinking at an earlier age. 250,000 children suffer mental distress due to others’ drinking.

Children in the UK drink more and start drinking earlier than most other European countries. 10 -15 year-olds view more alcohol ads on TV than adults over the age of 25.

For more information on the Drink Wise campaign visit www.LookAgainAtAlcohol.org.uk If you are a Sefton resident and feel you or a friend or family member has a problem with Alcohol you can get help through contacting Sefton’s Treatment and Recovery Services on 0151 944 5334 or 01704 534759.

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