Ainsdale ‘village idiot’ graffiti artist returns with bridge message

A graffiti artist who continues to plague Ainsdale village with a series of anti coronavirus messages has struck again.

This time the unidentified conspiracy theorist, dubbed a ‘village idiot’ by locals, has sprayed the words ‘scamdemic’ and ‘Hancock is a liar’ on the railway bridge near Pinfold Lane.

One despondent resident said “I see the village idiot has been out in force again, spraying nonsense on the coastal road bridge and nearby signs.

If it was that easy to get every government (bar one or two) to agree there’s a pandemic and tank their economies through lockdowns, do you not think we could’ve solved climate change and world peace by now?!

Consider this – even if you are convinced Bill Gates and 5G are behind a global conspiracy, the clean up for all your little messages is paid for by our council tax, taking money which could be used to support people who need it through public services.

Get a hobby or something you plank!”