Ainsdale Tories ‘Ted & Terry’ Drop Another Clanger

2nd February 2015


 This week in the Southport Champion newspaper Ainsdale Conservative councillors, Ted Hartill and his chief, Cllr Terry Jones, are promoting themselves, above others, before the election with inaccurate data.


Above: The Ainsdale Tories with their erroneous article.

In this 2015 newspaper article the two Ainsdale Tories make elevated claims that are inaccurate and ambiguous. They say they are disgusted with One Vision who promised to repair Ainsdale Park “fifteen months ago”.

This is strange because the Southport Visiter reported back in ’November, 2012’ that an 11 year old girl (Jasmine Regan) was delighted to find out her campaign to save this park had been ‘successful’. The article clearly stated that plans to build on the land had been ‘scrapped’.

delight 1Jasmine and her mum Cath had campaigned very hard to raise public awareness over the threat to the park, written press letters and collected numerous signatures on a petition as well.

letter of the weekThis was all fully acknowledged in the newspaper.

Apart from an initial meeting there was very little concern or action about the threat from these two Tories at that time.

So, dates/facts are wrong and they have conveniently side-lined the efforts of others to promote themselves.


Furthermore, one could be forgiven for asking where exactly these Tories have been hiding since One Vision building plans were scrapped so long ago back in 2012.

Does it really take them ‘this’ long to tackle One Vision and highlight the issue; or were they just saving this one for the election,  as they had so little else to push out in their political literature?

Although campaigners were delighted about building plans being scrapped in 2012, Cllr Hartill shows how out of touch he is in the latest article when he claims

“Yet here we are in 2015,  fifteen months later and the park is in a worse state than before.” 


Earlier in the Champion article Cllr Jones stated incorrectly that building plans were scrapped in “2013.”  Clearly, these claims were not in agreement with the accurate press reports over Cherry Road Park of 2012.

So, 2012 was “fifteen months” ago was it? But even if we dismiss the erroneous dates we may be forgiven for asking…

What exactly have these lazy Tories been doing since 2012 for the local Woodvale residents, apart from sitting on public concerns to ultimately utilise today for insensitive self promotion, ‘just’ before the election? Side-lining the public, to take more credit than what is due, is quite a dirty ploy in political circles and conflicting dates also raise serious questions regarding any further claims by these slipshod politicians.

Will they even apologise? 

At the very least it would appear that Terry Jones and Ted Hartill owe the public and the reporter of this article (unless they wish to blame him?) an apology for making such invalid statements within their self-promotional Conservative political literature.

It just goes to show that we cannot believe everything that gets pushed through our doors by reckless politicians.



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