Ainsdale resident warns others of alleged dog thieves

Ainsdale resident warns others of alleged dog thieves (Monday 15 May 2017).

Ainsdale residents are being told to be on alert and keep their dogs secure after reports of thieves in the area.

One resident has already reported two men in a white van acting strangely and trespassing on her property to ‘pet’ her dog.

She reported that one of the men had called her dog over before they were disturbed and quickly left the scene.

“I am down my stables with my dog as usual sorting the horses out and my dog is just wondering around the paddock as usual, when I just happened to look around the corner to see where he was and a fella was calling him over to the fence, when he saw me he said “he was on the road”, so why are you calling him to the fence???

“He stroked him got back in the van and drove off. Now he could of been telling the truth, but highly unlikely.

So it was 2 fellas in a white transit I think starting SA62 headed off Towards Halsall. Please beware and keep a look out!!!”