No new cases of coronavirus in Ainsdale borough for 7 days

Ainsdale is officially one of the safest areas of Southport for cases of coronavirus after national data revealed no new cases of the virus were diagnosed in the past 7 days.

The welcoming news for Ainsdale residents comes as businesses and bars prepare to reopen this coming Wednesday as Tier 2 restrictions become operational and the region leaves the crippling lockdown rules which have taken a major toll on the local hospitality and retail sector.

117 new coronavirus cases were declared in Southport in the past 7 days, bringing the ‘R’ rate to 126 per 100,000 in Southport.

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New Coronavirus cases in Southport 
Ainsdale East 4
Ainsdale West 0
Birkdale 14
Crossens 9
Hesketh Park 15
High Park 15
Hillside 5
Kew 15
Marshside 10
Meols Cop 7
Southport South 14
Waterfront 9
Southport Total 117