Affordable Dubai Neighbourhoods with High Growth Potential for UK Buyers

28th May 2024

As Dubai’s property market continues to surge, astute UK investors are focusing on the emirate’s flourishing real estate scene. Dubai offers a plethora of chances due to its strong economic outlook and a spike in demand, especially in its more reasonably priced neighbourhoods. This piece provides a perceptive look at some of the city’s most promising neighbourhoods with data from the listings of affordable properties on Bayut, a leading property portal in the UAE.

Dubai’s real estate market thrived in 2023 according to Bayut’s annual sales report. Property prices witnessed significant growth across all segments – luxury, mid-tier, and affordable. Here’s a breakdown of the key findings:

  • Overall Growth: Dubai property prices for apartments and villas increased by up to 17% in the affordable segment, 4% to 22% in the mid-tier segment, and a staggering 21% for luxury properties.
  • Transaction Volume: A total of 132,628 sales transactions worth GBP 87.19 billion (AED 409.8 billion) were recorded in 2023, showcasing strong investor activity.

Now, let’s delve into the specific areas that offer the most promising opportunities for UK buyers seeking affordability and high growth potential. 


Affordable Apartments

UK investors on a budget will be delighted with the options available in these popular areas:

International City: This top choice boasts impressive affordability with each cluster themed after a different country, creating a unique atmosphere. 

  • Average Price per Square Foot: GBP 124.2 (AED 583)
  • Average Studio Price: GBP 60,932 (AED 286k)
  • Average 1-bedroom Price: GBP 85,858 (AED 403k)
  • Average 2-bedroom Price: GBP 168,735 (AED 792k)
  • ROI: 8.10%


Dubai Residence Complex: Another budget-friendly option, Dubai Residence Complex offers apartments at a competitive price. It is a well-connected location with easy access to various parts of the city.

  • Average Price per Square Foot: GBP 144 (AED 676)
  • Average Studio Price: GBP 87,776 (AED 412k)
  • Average 1-bedroom Price: GBP 118,029 (AED 554k)
  • Average 2-bedroom Price: GBP 155,525 (AED 730k)
  • ROI: 7.90%


Dubai Production City (IMPZ): While slightly pricier than the previous two, IMPZ is an industrial and business hub that offers apartments ideal for those working nearby.

  • Average Price per Square Foot: GBP 197 (AED 926)
  • Average Studio Price: GBP 78,402 (AED 368k)
  • Average 1-bedroom Price: GBP 150,412 (AED 706k)
  • Average 2-bedroom Price: GBP 230,093 (AED 1.08 million)
  • ROI: 7.32%


Liwan: This residential community offers a mix of apartment buildings and villas, with studios and 1BHKs. It is a family-oriented community known for its peaceful environment and proximity to schools.

  • Average Studio Price: GBP 69,241 (AED 352k) 
  • Average 1-bedroom Price: GBP 97,363 (AED 457k)
  • ROI: 7.15%


Discovery Gardens: This established community presents a good balance between affordability and amenities. It is an established community that offers attractive features like parks, shops, and restaurants within the area.

  • Average Studio Price: GBP 67,323 (AED 316k)
  • Average 1-bedroom Price: GBP 99,494 (AED 467k)
  • ROI: 9.37%


Affordable Villas

For those seeking a more spacious and suburban lifestyle at an affordable price, these areas are worth considering:

DAMAC Hills 2: This established community offers a familiar and developed environment and provides some of the most affordable villas with a variety of options like 3, 4, and 5-bedroom villas.

  • Average Price per Square Foot: GBP 158 (AED 743)
  • Average 3-bedroom Price: GBP 281,225 (AED 1.32 million)
  • Average 4-bedroom Price: GBP 355,792 (AED 1.67 million)
  • Average 5-bedroom Price: GBP 413,315 (AED 1.94 million)
  • ROI: 6.68%


Dubailand: This vast area presents a variety of  villa configurations and options. It provides upscale living and generally features larger and potentially more luxurious properties.

  • Average Price per Square Foot: GBP 220 (AED 1,034)
  • Average 3-bedroom Price: GBP 394,141 (AED 1.85 million)
  • Average 4-bedroom Price: GBP 468,708 (AED 2.2 million)
  • Average 5-bedroom Price: GBP 575,233 (AED 2.7 million)
  • ROI: 6.24%


Dubai South: Dubai South, a mega-project with residences, businesses, and a massive airport, offers freehold homes and investment opportunities. This emerging community offers a range of options like 3, 4, and 5-bedroom villas at competitive prices.

  • Average Price per Square Foot: GBP 178 (AED 835)
  • Average 3-bedroom Price: GBP 351,531 (AED 1.65 million)
  • Average 4-bedroom Price: GBP 521,970 (AED 2.45 million)
  • Average 5-bedroom Price: GBP 735,019 (AED 3.45 million)
  • ROI: 6.71%


Top Picks for Affordable Off-Plan Projects


  • Well-connected and affordable:
  • AG Square in Dubai Residence Complex
  • Verdana 2 in Dubai Investment Park (DIP)
  • Laya Heights in Dubai Studio City



  • Established developments with attractive options:
  • Villanova in Dubailand
  • Emaar South in Dubai South
  • Camelia in DAMAC Hills 2


The Buying Process in Dubai

  • Define Your Goals & Budget: Determine what you seek (rental income, primary residence, future sale) and how much you can invest. This will guide your property type and location choices.
  • Search & Select: Utilise online portals, and real estate agents, and explore areas to shortlist a few properties for viewings.
  • Offer & Agreement: Submit a formal offer through your agent. Negotiations may occur before a final price is agreed upon. Upon agreement, a Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) is signed, and a deposit (typically 10%) is paid.
  • Due Diligence & NOC: Verify the property’s legal status and any outstanding fees. Obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) if the seller has a mortgage.
  • Payment & Registration: Make the final payment once all documents are in order. The property ownership is then transferred to your name at the Dubai Land Department (DLD) upon payment of registration fees.
  • Handover & Service Charges: Take possession of your property and become responsible for ongoing service charges associated with the building or community.



For UK investors, Dubai’s real estate sector offers promising prospects in 2024. You can choose wisely if you take into account your risk tolerance, ideal lifestyle, and financial situation. Do your homework well before making an investment. Consider the exit strategy, such as renting out or selling the home. Include all expenses, such as service and property registration fees. Consult a trained real estate agent or consultant who is knowledgeable about the Dubai real estate market for expert help. By taking these measures, you can better your chances of success in Dubai’s competitive real estate market.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I finance a property purchase in Dubai as a UK investor?

A: Yes, mortgages are available for international investors with a minimum down payment. Compare rates from different lenders to secure the best deal.


Q: What are the ongoing costs associated with owning property in Dubai?

A: Besides mortgage payments (if applicable), expect service charges for common area maintenance, utility bills, and minimal registration fees when buying or selling.


Q: How can I find tenants and manage my rental property in Dubai?

A: Property management companies can help find tenants, manage agreements, collect rent, and handle maintenance for a fee. Alternatively, you can manage the process yourself.