Addaction land Sefton substance misuse service contract

31st October 2017

A three year contract for the delivery of community-based substance misuse services for young people and families in Sefton has been awarded to Addaction.

The new service is commissioned by Sefton Council and will commence on 1 October 2017.

Addaction is a leading substance misuse and mental health charity, delivering a number of young people’s services across the UK under the banner of Young Addaction.

Addaction has delivered ‘Breaking the Cycle’ (BtC) in Sefton for a number of years. BtC works with families to break the cycle of intergenerational substance misuse. The new contract is a consolidation and expansion of current services. BtC will continue, alongside specialist work with young people.

The core aim of the Sefton service will be to work collaboratively with community partners to help young people and their families create positive, sustainable futures.

Young Addaction will be accessed at community locations across the Borough, including children and family centres and a number of partner agency venues. The service will be delivered at three levels.

Level one will be available to all young people and families, regardless of whether there are current substance misuse issues. It will include advice and information, screening, prevention programmes and diversionary activities.

Level two targeted services will provide early intervention to young people at risk or with low level substance misuse. These will include targeted advice and information, screening and assessment, focused interventions, programmes to enhance social and life skills, family support and referral to specialist services.

Level three is for young people who are using drugs and are affected by a range of risk factors. Interventions will include substance specific harm reduction, psychological and social support and access to pharmacological treatment.

Young Addaction will also work with families where parental substance misuse is a feature or where there are risks of intergenerational substance misuse. Priority will be given to vulnerable families identified by social care, criminal justice or adult substance misuse agencies.

Access to Young Addaction Sefton will be by self-referral or referral by another agency. Locations, contact details and information about the referral process will be disseminated before the end of September.

In the meantime, any queries about the new service can be directed to: