During a recent Ainsdale protest to stop One Vision Housing (OVH) from felling Kitty’s Wood in George Drive, a Sovini/OVH driver became highly abusive and threatening towards peaceful campaigners.

The male driver swore at several people saying he was going to smash their car. The car in question did not even belong to several of the people he was swearing at.

OVH intimidation tactics will NOT be tolerated.

OVH/Sovini (OVH is part of The Sovini Group, which was formed in December 2011) and Merseyside Police were contacted later on.

Steven Parker, Head of Operations at Sovini, stated:

“Firstly please accept my sincere apologies for the behaviour of our employee, I am horrified in the way the individual has conducted himself. This is not the way in which I expect our employees conduct themselves within Sovini Property Services or in everyday life. The individual will be dealt with under our disciplinary procedure under gross misconduct he will be suspended from duty pending investigation. Once we have conducted our investigations I will inform you of the outcome. Thank you for forwarding this information to us so we can take the appropriate action.”

Several witnesses were at the woodland scene to validate this regrettable event.

OVH and Sefton Council have misled campaigners all along and been proven wrong now on several occasions. This is why we have been backed by the police and (some) councillors in our vital efforts to save this old woodland from OVH/Council destruction.

News of the protest is spreading fast and support for Kitty’s Woods grows daily…

A productive meeting was also held last night in Ainsdale. Many new and positive proposals were put forward to help our campaign. People Power works!

Even the kids are getting deeply involved in fighting against odious OVH eco-oppression…

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The fight to save Kitty’s Wood continues…

Petition – ongoing…


Gofundme page set up… every penny counts, to challenge the woodland-wreckers…




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