Photo: Saracen Tufftrax from CTK

A Saracen Tufftrax (£300-£400) bicycle was stolen from Christ the King school in Southport, Tuesday 30 June 2015.

The bike was locked up inside the Bike Sheds provided by school at 8:30am, when the owner returned at 3:05pm the bicycle had disappeared, with only the lock left.

The lock had been ripped from its socket and left in the shed. Immediately the owner approached the school office who contacted the appropriate members of staff. Who despite having a police school liaison officer, decided not to contact the police, leaving it to the owners father.

After looking through the CCTV the bike was not spotted leaving the premises, during the hours the bike sheds are opened by the ground staff (8:00 – 9:00) (2:55 – 4:00)

This could be explained by the fact that there is a hole big enough to fit a bike through, in the side of the bike shed. Allowing someone to remove the bicycle during school hours, even when the bike sheds are ‘locked’ and remove it from the premises.

One option for this is to, carry it across the field, to the far side. Where we found a makeshift ladder, made out of two road work barriers, to get over the fence. Leading on to a field, backing on to Compton Road.

The fact that this ‘entrance’ was there without the ground staff knowing was bad enough, in the short-term. But after asking around, I discovered that it had been there for almost 20 years (not with the same barriers, but a viable entrance to the field). This is only one of the many plausible escape routes for a bicycle thief to use.

Due to the fact, there is a hole in the side of the ‘safe and secure bike sheds’ the owners bicycle insurance was void, as it was not a ‘safe and secure environment’ in which the bicycle was locked.

Despite this the school offered the owner no compensation.

The owner is very distressed and hopes to find the bicycle as soon as possible.

If you have information you can contactMerseyside Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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