A Southport Councillor calls for prosecution of ‘criminal’ travellers

A Councillor is calling on local police chiefs to see whether they can prosecute the ‘travellers’ who descended upon the former Blind School on Oxford Road after they moved on from Birkdale Common.

West Birkdale Councillor Lib Dem Tony Dawson says:

“Neighbours have informed me that the ‘travellers’ who recently got on to this site did so by cutting a padlock and chain using bolt cutters.They were seen doing this in broad daylight. I would have thought that this was straightforward criminal damage. Surely, everyone who went onto that site immediately afterwards had ‘common purpose’ which, I think, might mean they can all be tried for the offence?”

ots-travellers-dog“There is a public interest in ensuring that travellers generally do not hop from one place to another when they are moved on or threatened with proceedings. Bearing in mind that any such moving-on tends to involve padlocks or bollards mysteriously being destroyed, I would hope it would be possible for the council and police to follow travellers who have been evicted until they are sure that they have definitely left the area.”


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