A normal day of ‘iron arm’ at Birkdale High

Parents want the game ‘iron arm’ at Birkdale School in Southport to stop.

A relative of a Birkdale High school student has today uploaded photographs onto social media of his arm after he returned home with severe bruising to his arms.

The person that posted photo said: “I’m not worried know it’s juts boy stuff and games etc… but they need to stop it before it gets bad”

Another person said: ” Punches like that can be serious,  you can lose an arm,  my hubby almost lost a leg from a kick.

“Someone needs to go into the schools a tell the kids just how it is no pussy footing around show them photos. My hubby can’t even work now because of it as when they went in to save his leg it coursed nerve damage and he now in constant pain, all because he got a bit of a kick to his shin, wish I could tell these kids how dangerous it is!”

What do you think?


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