A Guide To Increasing Productivity Levels In The Office

13th June 2022

The importance of having a productive office and working space is not only vital to the way the office is run, but also to the employees and the company as a whole. As productive employees tend to be happier and more satisfied at work, the increased amount of work they accomplish often leads to longstanding careers and greater loyalty.


The shorter workloads become for employees, the more productive they become, which can only result in positive effects on the company. While it is deemed to be difficult to really increase those productivity levels in the office, from the design to the furniture used you can easily create a flowing office filled with happy and productive workers.


How office design can impact productivity


Over the past few years, working from home has proven to have an impact on employee productivity as more people have embraced the flexibility of home working. However, just like in a normal office environment, routines, available technology, and the location of your workspace, has had an impact on just how effective remote working is.


The layout of your office might be more impactful to productivity than you may imagine. For example, if your office is poorly set up and cluttered, employees may find it harder to focus on important tasks and reduce their workload. While it can be difficult to order paperwork and keep a desk tidy, it makes a big impact on how productive people can be. Having good desk storage and organising your office supplies by importance are just some useful ways to learn how to organise your office desk effectively. Sometimes productivity can even be impacted by things you can’t see, such as music and noise. Poor acoustics in an office can create noise pollution, so be careful to ensure that no area is too noisy for productive working.


As well as an untidy desk, lighting is another factor that can have impacts on productivity levels. Having natural light flowing through the office which is complimented by artificial lighting is the perfect balance for an ideal light in the office. Constantly shifting light, or light that is too dull, can make employees feel sluggish, and even cause headaches. Improving this situation can provide employees with more even energy levels and better workdays.


The impact office furniture has on employees


Although it may be often overlooked, there are actually many ways how office design affects productivity in the workplace and helps to spark employee creativity. Lighting, colour, furniture, and even music, can have a significant impact on productivity levels of employees. The types of office furniture you choose to put in your workspace can go one of two ways, it can either be comfortable for the employees and increase productivity, or cause body pain and stress.


Updating the office space for your company is just one of the great ways that you can improve office productivity. Office furniture has huge effects on the productivity levels of workers, for example many employees often struggle to work from once screen. This can be due to tasks being slowed down with the inconvenience of clicking between windows trying to gather all the information they need. A dual monitor can help employees to have all the data they need to be visible at once, allowing them to work faster.


Considering how ergonomic your office furniture is another vital aspect to think about for employees. There are multiple benefits of ergonomic furniture on both your physical and mental wellbeing. Having seating with the correct back support and the right height armrests will ensure they are not sitting in discomfort.


To give your employees full flexibility of movement, providing a standing desk can allow them to work from a different position to their preferences, whether this be switching regularly between sitting down and standing up. By doing so, this not only improves spinal health, but also increases focus by providing variety, and the exercise it encourages can help workers to feel less fatigued.


Ensuring good health at the office


Maintaining good health while working is the key to increased and improved productivity levels. Focusing on maintaining good health while your working allows you to keep good, healthy practices up even while busy at the desk. One way you can do this is by keeping a good posture while at the office. Keeping a good posture at your office desk is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve the amount employees can work comfortably.


This can be difficult while sitting at a desk, but working on good posture can reduce workplace injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as back problems, aches and pains. This means less time taken off work with workplace injuries, and fewer distractions due to pain caused by poor posture. Factors such as office chair height and seating position are really important and can make all the difference between bad posture and good posture when working at a desk.


While you might not associate a potted plant with improved health, adding plants to your office environment can be a fantastic way to provide your staff with clearer air, as well as simply adding some colour to your space. Another factor to increase both good health and productivity while at work is to encourage your employees to take walks outside on their breaks.


This can be a great way of getting your employees out of their busy working environment, as exercise and fresh air is beneficial not just to the body, but to the mind, too. By adding these little changes to your everyday working schedule, you can ensure a much more productive working style due to your increased good health that is maintained at the office.