A Day of Wellness & Wonder: Detox by DeClue Debuts in London’s Soho District

7th September 2023

A day steeped in revelations and rejuvenations awaits those who yearn for holistic health and personal growth. Ginger DeClue, the virtuoso behind the acclaimed ‘Detox by DeClue’, is orchestrating an unparalleled day-long experience in the heart of London, at the opulent Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel.

DeClue, fresh off a spellbinding stint at Italy’s Star Body Retreat, brings her transformative expertise to London for the very first time. This health visionary, lauded for her strides in full body detox and the intricate art of Iridology, crafts an event that promises to be both enlightening and invigorating.

For the uninitiated, Iridology, a discipline focusing on discerning potential health stressors from unique iris patterns, is central to Detox by DeClue’s offerings. In Ginger’s words, “Each part of the body corresponds with a specific region of the eye.”

The day unfolds with a meticulous Iridology evaluation. Attendees will delve deep into enlightening workshops, experience an indulgent vegan meal crafted to nourish both body and soul, and participate in a detox deep dive, encapsulating the underlying principles of Iridology and detoxification. Furthermore, an exclusive interactive session with Ginger provides an opportunity for attendees to glean wisdom from her extensive foray into the world of holistic health.

Every participant is also set to enjoy a professional eye reading, a cornerstone of the Iridology experience, providing bespoke health insights.

With a price tag of $249.00, this boutique event underscores a staunch commitment to holistic health and personal development. Its exclusivity ensures that each participant enjoys a personalized and immersive experience.

The Karma Sanctum Soho, a haven of luxury, art, and music, provides the perfect backdrop to this event. Epitomizing London’s vibrant spirit, the hotel echoes the vision of Mark and Sherene Fuller, offering a retreat that’s as unique as the city itself.

As a beacon of holistic health, Detox by DeClue propels individuals towards optimal wellness and self-awareness. So, whether you’re a seasoned health enthusiast or someone just embarking on their wellness journey, this event beckons you to dive deep into a day of insight, nourishment, and profound self-discovery.

Seize this golden opportunity. Harness the transformative power of ‘Detox by DeClue’. Dive into a universe of wellness and wonder.

[Book your spot now.](https://detoxbydeclue.kartra.com/page/gingerinshoho)