Crime Alert issued by Southport Home Watch


In the past two weeks burglaries have taken place in the following locations:

Stanley Street, Trafalgar Road, Sefton Street, Clarence Road, Roe Lane, Grantham Road, Poulton Road and Talbot Street.

In at least two incidents windows or doors had been left insecure.

It has been known for people to leave keys in the inside lock of external doors. If the keys are taken out of the locks and put in a safe place out of sight, once the door has been securely locked, it could prevent a thief from accessing a property particularly if there is a window in the door.

When attending  burglaries, officers have found on some occasions, a window in or near the door has been broken and the key has then been taken from the lock inside the house, and the property has been entered using the key.

More Principles of Crime Prevention

Reducing the Payoff

Reduce the profit that can be made from the crime, e.g. property marking make items identifiable and therefore less valuable, register mobile phone on immobilise.

Access Control

Prevent the criminal gaining access to the target, e.g. 1.8m fencing with trellis, prickly shrubs, lock windows and doors.


Make sure offenders would be visible if they carried out a crime by pruning/removing shrubs, install low level lighting, consider CCTV.

Contact numbers

Local Police neighbourhood Teams TELEPHONE 101

Margaret Jepson- Sefton Crime Alert Co-ordinator – Telephone 0151 777 3419