A complete guide to buying Valentine’s gift for hunters

It may sound like a stretch, but let us look into this for a minute and see what we can come up with for the hunter in your life and Valentine’s day.  Nothing like taking on the hard stuff, right?

Let’s look at the time of year Valentine’s happens, February, so it will be cold for the northern hemisphere folks.  What is in season this time of the year?  Most big game seasons are over, maybe some upland birds, depending on where you live.  Then, let’s think about what is always in season, rabbits.  Some areas have different types of rabbits, and some are not as obnoxious and vermin as other places.  Most anywhere that has rabbits has people that need fewer rabbits, and they are good at making more little rabbits, so for the sake of fitting everyone, that is the season for this article.

The right firearm for the job

OK, what is the gun of choice for a rabbit hunt?  Some places require using shotguns due to population.  If that is the case, they make a great red dot, and holographic scope will help you be more effective with the shotgun, or some rifle sights on a shotgun work well.

The next choice, and probably the most popular, is the 22lr long gun.  And for that, the most popular 22 rifle in the world has to be the Ruger 10/22.  Now, depending on how far away the critters are, put a scope on that handy little buggar, and you have the makings of a tremendous amount of fun and if you want to know more about Ruger 10/22 scopes you can find out more here..  If you get the right optic, the rifle and the scope will last you forever, or until you hand it down to the next generation, then it will last them forever +1.

Cold-Weather Gear

Now that we have looked at the firearm let us look at some easier to acquire gift ideas.  When hunting in the winter, the number one most important thing is clothing.  The rest of the gear is excellent, but apparel, specifically warm clothing, is paramount.

So, the quickest and fits nearly all hunters, gloves top the list.  Gloves come in many diverse offerings, and we need to look at what is out there.  Gloves need to keep the hunter warm but allow the firearm’s operation or camera if that is your choice.  The glove makers have made many shooting glove styles and even shooting mittens for icy areas.

On top of warmth and specific shooting or trigger finger builds, keeping them dry is very important.  The gloves need to repel water by the materials used, so leather gloves, with proper treatment, can repel water for many hours.

If you want to go the extra few miles, they do make gloves that have a pocket built-in for a hand warmer packet; excellent, but for the money not sure they work as well for as much as they cost.  Then, on the market come battery-operated gloves, sold at hardware stores for winter construction; these are magical.

On top of battery-operated gloves, battery-operated jackets, socks, and pants are also available.  If you have a wintertime archery hunter, this will make sitting in a blind much more comfortable.  If you don’t have a hunter who needs this level of warmth, but know an ice fisher, the same applies.

Last but not least, safety

One of the dangers in wintertime hunting is getting lost in hazardous conditions or injured and not communicating to help.  A GPS locator beacon available in major sporting goods stores is the answer.  GPS beacons can send an SOS to the local rescue for help, etc.  Another great function of these beacons is the ability to review your hunting pathway, mark a spot that the game trails looked good, or find a place you want to return to later or in the summer for some fantastic photography.

For a more affordable option in the safety department, hunters almost always need polarized shooting glasses.  Make sure they are rated for shooting.

The last thing to mention for hunters’ safety is hearing protection.  Not the foam earplugs we use at the range will get some noise cancelling hearing protection though they will work.  This option is excellent, you can hear sounds like talking, warning, etc., and they will limit the sound to 65 dB.  This option will save hearing and keep the communications available, keeping everyone safe.

Good Hunting, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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