How deeply saddened I am to learn of the passing of animal lover Tony Moore!
Of one thing I am sure: earth’s loss will be Heaven’s gain.  In an age when most professing Christians are only concerned about their own future salvation, dear Tony Moore fought as a mouthpiece for the whole of the dumb creation. He knew, full well, that any profession of Christianity that left the animals outside was at total variance with the message and mission of Jesus Of Nazareth!
Indeed, Jesus identified His character and compassion with one who would risk damaging every limb in ones body so as to rescue but one wayward sheep that was lost, havng wandered from the fold.
Indeed, the message of that first Christmas was to assure people that God and his angels accompanied humhle animal carers watching their flocks by night!  We forget to our own shame that God chose for His Son a manger in a stable rather than a cradle in a palace!  Indeed, if there were no place in Paradise for the animals then I’d opt for Hell any day!
Dear Tony Moore – along with his long deceased wife Vickie – were shining examples of what all Christians should be.  Yes, but a marked contrast indeed, to so many professed leaders within the churches who deny animals as much as a mention in their liturgies, not to jmenti0on no place in their concept of Paradise!. How stinted and blinkered these ‘blind leaders of the blind’ are. They are as much off course as is the north pole from the south!
Dear Tony Moore, ‘may you rest in peace and rise in glory’. In the words of St Paul, ‘I thank my God for every remembrance of you.’  You and your long deceased wife Vickie, make me homesick for Heaven.
Written and submitted by an 84 year old fellow campaigner for God’s dumb and abused animal creation over which Christians are constantly called of God to extend a kind and caring stewardship: yet abysmally fail to do such from both the Pope and the Archbishop Of Canterbury downwards
Pastor James Thompson
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