A Basic Guide To Display Advertising To Boost Your Brand Awareness

2nd February 2024

Are you interested in purchasing display advertising, but aren’t quite sure what it is or how it can help your brand? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you’ll learn what display advertising is and the benefits of using it as part of a wider marketing strategy. Let’s find out more.

What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising remains one of the most popular types of online marketing and for good reason—it works! Display advertising differs from the latest SEO techniques of backlinking in that it uses visual branding rather than text-based content. This usually takes the form of a banner image or video, but can also be a button. Digital adverts tend to contain a URL that links to the brand paying for the advertisement. When a user clicks the banner or button, it’ll redirect them to a page chosen by the advertiser.

Display advertising can present more information about your brand than text can. You can show off your logo and images or videos of your products. Or, you can use it to show users how your brand will make them feel by displaying emojis. Interactive banners are also popular as they are more visually appealing than static content. Display advertising may appear on websites, on social media accounts or in emails sent out to subscribers.

Companies who wish to advertise their business in this way will reach out to the target site or be approached by them with opportunities to advertise. For example, a brand that is targeting people of university age could pay for display advertising on a student union website or university email newsletter.

Why Buy Display Advertising?

There are many positive reasons to purchase display advertising, not least to boost knowledge of and trust in your brand. Let’s discover these benefits now.

Better Brand Awareness

By appearing on popular websites and in highly subscribed email newsletters, you’re putting your message directly in front of your target audience. The fact that an internet user is on the website or signed up for the email newsletter means that they trust that brand. By association, you’ll be presented as a reliable and reputable brand. This will generate more interest and additional sales.

It’s important to note that display advertising doesn’t necessarily generate lots of clicks through to your website, but that’s nothing to worry about because it’s not the purpose of using them. They’re for brand awareness purposes, successfully planting a seed that will later flower.

Easy Messaging

Display adverts are small in comparison to full-page newspaper adverts or television commercials. This is beneficial because it provides an opportunity for you to provide information in an easy-to-digest way.

Consumers are bombarded with advertising across a range of mediums. For example, in the UK, the average person sees 36 television adverts every day. Combine that with newspaper and magazine adverts, billboards, posters and sponsored social media content and each person is seeing hundreds of adverts a day. It’s a fruitful market, hence why the UK is the largest digital advertising market in Europe. This means that consumers are more likely to respond positively to quick content that’s easy to digest like display advertising.

They don’t have time to learn all about your brand and so you need to catch their attention quickly. Digital advertising is great for that, permitting you only an image or video and a very small piece of text. It also forces you to avoid saying too much and only share concise promotional material.

Simple Creation

Compared with some other forms of digital advertising, display adverts are relatively easy to make. Your target site or email blast will provide you with the dimensions you need to adhere to. Usually, you’ll just need to provide an image or video of this size, a URL and a call to action. Plus, display adverts are easy to insert, meaning that turnaround is often very quick.

Building A Marketing Strategy

While display advertising is a highly successful way of generating brand awareness, a high-end marketing strategy should include multiple strands. The most successful companies in the world don’t simply advertise through one method but do so in a variety of different ways including paid-for media and earned media.

Display advertising will help to spread awareness of your brand, but SEO, backlinking, social media activity and additional advertising avenues are all vital for those brands seeking success. Combining multiple strands to form a large marketing strategy is always the best practice for brands looking to boost their profits.