During the handing in of anti-fracking petitions at County Hall in Preston a sub contractor to Cuadrilla and pro-fracking supporter admitted that waste fracking fluid was “mildly radioactive.”

The anti-fracking petitions which were signed by in excess of 90,000 people was handed in to dissuade Lancashire County Council giving the green light to 2 planning applications by Cuadrilla to commence fracking for shale gas in Rosacre Wood and Preston New Road on the Fylde, which would pave the way for the government to turn Lancashire into the UK’s fracking experiment.

The worrying ‘radioactive’ comment was made during an exchange of views by a sub-contractor for Cuadrilla when an anti-fracking protester asked him where they will dump the waste frack fluid. Another protester said “the facts show fracking is not safe” and then went on to ask the supporter to cite a definite example of a breached well and casing that had been successfully repaired without any environmental damage, but he was unable to do so.

This comes as a town in Texas is suffering the fall out of a fracking well exploding and spraying a toxic mix of chemicals and forcing the evacuation of 20 families. The well, one of two that recently blew out exploded outside of Karnes City, one of the most heavily fracked places in the US. The fracking well spewed enough oil, gas, and chemicals to leave a ¼ mile gash of dead vegetation and contaminated land. The blowout also released an unknown amount of methane, a greenhouse gas 85 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Resident have been barred from returning to their homes, pets, and possessions for more than three weeks. Some may never be able return to their homes, as full decontamination is impossible.

The fact is, the safety of fracking cannot be guaranteed which is why Scotland has placed a moratorium on it, along with outright bans from many other countries. The vast majority of the population of Lancashire maybe wondering has the government actually lost the plot, as they seem to have forgotten the first duty of any government is to protect its people, and by openly pushing fracking this seem to go against that principle.

Anti-fracking protesters are wondering will David Cameron give his personal pledge that fracking is 100% safe, and will he be willing to take personal responsibility when the water tables are contaminated and people’s health deteriorates due to toxic gas emission’s? As has happened in other countries.

A spokesperson for HAF (Halsall against Fracking ) said: “We must now put our faith and hope in in the County Councillors on the Development Control Committee to be brave enough to listen to those who elected them and whose views they are duty bound to represent and stand up to the bullying.”


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