90 year old Southport woman targeted by heartless burglar

21st January 2024

A 90 year old Southport woman suffering from dementia became the target of a cruel and heartless burglar.

Bootle man Jordan Hughes’s crime was only uncovered when friends of the woman planted hidden CCTV at the pensioner’s home.

In December last year the cameras captured Hughes visiting the woman he had ‘befriended’ shortly after 5pm.

Hughes however spotted the device outside her address and put his hand over it before “moving out of view”.

He left the scene but neighbours later discovered that the camera in the living room had been turned off.

Hughes was later found outside by officers who then arrested him. It was later discovered that the woman’s handbag, £25 in cash and her house keys were gone.

Hughes admitted burglary and two counts of fraud. He was jailed for 45 months.

Sentencing, Judge Denis Watson KC said: “The householder here was a 90-year-old lady living in her own, who was only just able to live on her own with the assistance of others. She has dementia, but was doing her best.

“It seems that you came across her in a way that is not clear to me, but you came to know who she was. You called at her house so that she was familiar with you.

“You can be seen on CCTV effectively talking your way in. You set about what can only be described as ruthless and callous conduct, setting about stealing from her as I am satisfied happened to her on previous occasions.

“You were alert to the possibility of being seen. You covered your face and you switched off cameras that neighbours and friends had installed when trying to solve the mystery of how her property was going missing and who was taking it.

“You have done something from which she will never recover. This is an extremely serious burglary.