9 Android Games Online Poker Fillers Leisure Time In the Middle of the Pandemic

7th July 2020
Android logos on Samsung smartphones

When the world was hit by Pandemic Covid19 including Indonesia lately, all residents were encouraged to remain at home and conduct social distancing. However, of course you will quickly feel bored if you are used to doing activities outside the home. Here are some popular Poker Online android games that can be played at home with family or close friends.   

Shadowgun: War Games

When you like games with the MOBA genre or fighting games that involve a lot of players, you can try the Shadowgun War Games game developed by Madfinger Game. This Android mobile game is equipped with FPS (first person shooter) feature that makes the game feel more fun and tense. If you want to play this game without problems hanging or lagging, you can use the Android mobile version of Marshmallow with a minimum RAM space of 3GB.


If you like games with mystery, horror and survival genres, you can try playing the game LifeAfter. This game seems to tell the story of human life after apocalypse or life when attacked by zombies. So that the graphic display provided when playing this game is optimal, you can use a mobile phone that is equipped with an Android Lollipop with 2GB of RAM capacity and a minimum of 8GB of storage space.

Black Dessert Mobile

If you like RPG genre games with car racing game categories, you can try playing the Black Dessert Mobile game. This one game allows you to have a character in the game that is formed comprehensively. However, this game developed by Pearl Abyss might make you addicted because of its attractive graphic appearance. That’s why when playing, you have to make sure you have enough free time.

Super Mecha Champion

Super MMecha Champion game combines elements of robot warfare with battle royal with visuals typical of Japanese anime that are guaranteed not to make the eyes bored. You can choose the character you want to play with a variety of skills. This game developed by NetEase Games can be operated on a minimum Android KitKat android system with 2GB of RAM.

Marvel Super War

When you like the world of MOBA games, you might like the Marvel Super War game, especially when you are also a fan of all Marvel characters. This android game is similar to Arena of Valor, where you can choose which Marvel character you like to play as a team or individually against other players. This Android mobile game developed by NetEase Games can operate on Android ICS with a storage space requirement of around 380MB.

Stardew Valley 

When you just want to play light android popouler games or want to teach children something from an early age with games, you can try playing Stardew Valley developed by Chucklefish Limited. This game is centered on agricultural and animal husbandry fields, where you will be asked to perform suitable planting or breeding tasks before harvest. There are many things that are quite educative from this game when you can interact with the residents of Stardew Valley. So that this game can be played freely in mobile devices, at least your mobile is equipped with Android Kitkat or newer with 2GB of RAM.

Naruto: Slugfest 

When you are a fan of Naruto comics, it helps you not to miss this game. This game that can be played by all ages brings the concept of 3D open world MMORPG where you can choose the characters you want to play and fight with various other characters that are played by people from all over the world. An exciting ninja adventure equipped with attractive graphic display in your hand, will make you able to go through your stay at home comfortably.

8 Ball pool

Game 8 Ball Pool includes e-sport games related to billiard sports. You can play this game in multiplayer and use the strategies you know about billiard games. So that the image quality that is displayed on the cellphone feels perfect, you can play this game with a cellphone equipped with Android ICS with a minimum of 2GB RAM.

Clash of Clans

Android card games developed by Supercell have been better developed in 2018. This one game carries the RPG genre and the characters played in it will play the role of leaders who build villages and clans. With all the equipment available, you can choose a game character and various troops to your liking. If you want to defend or enlarge a clan, you can increase your abilities before attacking and controlling another clan. This one game sharpens strategy and dexterity, so it won’t feel boring even if played in a relatively long time.