8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Surabaya

26th March 2024

For the travellers of Umrah Packages from UK, there are several places that you can visit after the performance of holy rituals in Makkah. Especially for the pilgrims arriving from Singapore or Malaysia, Surabaya is a must-visit.

Surabaya is an Indonesian city present in East Java. It possesses a rich history and culture along with the breathtaking views and culinary delights it has to offer for tourists.

Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country and the same goes for Surabaya. You won’t have any difficulty in finding halal food, prayer facilities and Muslim-friendly travel or living atmosphere there.

Here are the top 8 reasons why you should visit Surabaya.

1.   History.

Surabaya holds an important place in Indonesia’s history and struggles for independence from Dutch colonial rule in 1945. That is why the second name of Surabaya is the “City of Heroes”.

You can also witness ‘The Heroes Monument’, which represents the battle of Surabaya.

Go to the 10 November Museum and Surabaya Museum, to explore the war memorials and other exhibits that speak for the historical significance of this city in Indonesia.

2.   Affordable travel.

As compared to the popular Indonesian tourist destinations of Bali, Lombok, or Yogyakarta – Surabaya brings affordable travel costs for tourists worldwide. The presence of an independent international airport here further adds to the travellers’ convenience.

Return flights to Surabaya are also present at unbelievably low prices. When you arrive in the city, getting around also doesn’t burden your pocket because of the variety of transportation options available. You can choose trishaws, taxis, car rentals and ride-hailing apps such as Grab or Goje in Surabaya.

3.   Diverse Culture.

Surabaya has a diverse culture with major influences from Javanese, Chinese, Arab, and European heritage. This multiculturalism of the city reflects in its architecture, cuisine, and festivals with Chinatown, Arab Village, and Kampung Arab Market as prominent mentions.

4.   Authentic Indonesian Cuisine.

Surabaya has a lot of halal-friendly restaurants and street food options for tourists because it is a city in a Muslim-majority country. When in the region for tourism purposes, you must try the authentic Indonesian cuisine and local dishes. The popular local food dishes of Surabaya are;

  • Rawon – beef soup with black nut.
  • Lontong Kupang – rice cakes with small clams in spicy coconut milk broth.
  • Rujak Cingur – salad with cow snout, vegetables, and spicy peanut sauce.
  • Lontong Balap: rice cakes with bean sprouts, tofu, and lentho in a sweet-spicy sauce.
  • Tahu Tek – fried tofu with bean sprouts, eggs, and peanut sauce.
  • Soto Ayam – chicken soup with turmeric and lemongrass.
  • Semanggi Surabaya – salad with watercress, tofu, and peanut sauce.
  • Sate Klopo – grilled beef or chicken skewers marinated in coconut milk.

The popular halal-friendly restaurants in Surabaya are;

  1. Warung Bu Kris.
  2. Rumah Makan Cak Har.
  3. Soto Ambengan Pak Sadi.
  4. Ayam Goreng Mbok Berek.
  5. Bebek Sinjay.
  6. Gulai Kambing Mbok Soel.
  7. Tunjungan Seafood.
  8. Mie Kober.
  9. Dapur Desa.
  10. Bebek Kremes Haji Slamet.

5.   Shopping.

Surabaya is a shopping paradise that offers both options for you; traditional markets and modern malls. To find local goods and souvenirs, Pasar Turi and Pasar Atom are the popular local markets. On the other hand, Tunjungan Plaza and Grand City Mall house international brands for an upscale shopping experience.

6.   Top attractions and places to visit.

The top attractions and places to visit in Surabaya are;

  • Heroes Monument (Tugu Pahlawan).
  • House of Sampoerna.
  • Suramadu National Bridge.
  • Surabaya Zoo (Kebun Binatang Surabaya).
  • Ampel Mosque (Masjid Ampel).
  • Tunjungan Plaza.
  • Submarine Monument (Monumen Kapal Selam).
  • Surabaya North Quay.
  • Museum Bank Indonesia.
  • Taman Bungkul.
  • Ciputra Waterpark.
  • Surabaya North Quay.
  • Taman Bungkul Par.
  • Mangrove Forest Conservation Park.
  • Kenjeran Beach.

7.   Gateway to East Java.

Surabaya serves as the gateway to East Java in Indonesia. It provides easy access for the tourist to visit;

  • Mount Bromo.
  • Ijen Crater.

Thus, making it the perfect place for adventure travellers and hikers.

8.   Budget-friendly Accommodation.

There’s a range of budget-friendly as well as luxury hotels present in Surabaya for the accommodation of tourists to the region.

  • You can stay in the top hotels in the city with prices starting from £50 (per night). These hotels feature well-furnished rooms along with additional amenities and complimentary breakfast at the hotel premises.
  • The budget hotels come at a price tag of £10 (per night) and bring basic living facilities/amenities for you to ensure a comfortable stay.



That’s why you should visit Surabaya with Halal Holidays.