8 possible reasons CBD tincture is not working for you

8th July 2021

So you also suffered from this problem? You also made the tough decision to go for CBD and end up getting no fruitful outcomes? And started thinking it all was a scam?

Well, you are not alone. And yes, it is not a scam. However, there could be several possible reasons why CBD tincture is not working for you.

You must have heard or read about the remarkable differences CBD made in the lives of few people. But, you might have ended up getting no or little benefits in your case. And you might be on the verge of breaking up with CBD. But wait, before you end it all. Go over our blog to discover the reason for the failure of CBD tincture in your case.

People majorly buy CBD oil tincture that works to treat chronic pain and anxiety. And, there could be several reasons behind its failure. Let us know about them.

Why is my CBD tincture not working?

CBD tinctures are meant for treatment and delivering good results. But in several cases, it has been seen that it fails to offer the same. And, the reasons could be anything from usage to default purchase. Let us know about them all.


1.Default source of CBD

Have you ordered CBD from the dealers offering a free trial? These sources ask you to pay for the delivery only. If this happened to you, then you are in the right section of the blog.

It is essential to do complete research about the source. There are very few licensed dealers by the Food and Drug Association (FDA). In this case, there is a high possibility of coming across a fault dealer. In research, we saw that only 30% of the products carry the amount CBD promised.

CBD tincture from unauthorized sources can contain bad quality CBD or less quantity of it. It can be a reason why your CBD tincture is not working. Make sure that you buy CBD tinctures from authorized sources and read consumer reviews before doing so.

2.Discovering the right dosage

It is a tricky part. Although our bodies are biologically similar, the sensitivity of our bodies towards CBD can be different for all. Therefore, discovering the suitable dosage as per your requirement can be difficult.

You can start with taking small amounts and increasing them eventually. Then, you need to continue this process until you find your sweet spot.

When you take cannabinoids, your endocannabinoid system gets stimulated that return generates responses in return. And, if your body is somehow tolerant towards the amount introduced in the body, you might not witness any difference.

3. Give it some time

If you are the person who sees CBD as a magical substance that will generate responses immediately, then you need to read this out.

CBD offers several benefits; the benefits are not immediate. You have to give it some time. Sometimes it might take several weeks or even months to generate visible results. So, don’t give up. Your tincture might be working but at a smaller pace.

4. It is not what you think it is

It is a tough decision to choose CBD as a treatment for your issues. Your expectations might be very high from it. But, the harsh truth is that CBD is not a cure for every situation.

If you have an improper diet and a poor lifestyle then, even CBD can’t help you. For any medicine to respond, it is essential to have an attitude towards it. If you relied on medication to cure it all then, you might never see a change.

5. Your body is still adapting

CBD affects the endocannabinoid system or simply the ECS. The ECS controls various functions in our body. From stress management to the cardiovascular system, ECS maintains everything. You can also make use of CBD tincture for insomnia.

There can be chances that your body is still adapting to CBD. Hence, it is not able to generate any visible results. As most of the outcomes of CBD are neurocentric, it takes time to experience a change soon.

6. Try a different form

Are you fed up trying hard with CBD? Have you tried everything but still not getting the results you expected from it?

Well, if so is the condition, then you should switch the form. By this, we mean try using other forms of introducing CBD in the body. For example, you can try creams, gummies, candies, vape oil, or either capsule.

It might be possible that you are expecting impossible results from them. For example, tropical balms cannot help you with panic attacks and, gummies cannot help you out with chronic pain. So, make sure you know the ideal form that can suit your requirement before buying.

7. You might be tolerant towards the CBD

There can be a situation where everything is just perfect. You can buy CBD capsules for sleep, you can have a healthy lifestyle, plus you have bought it from a trustworthy source, but still, your CBD is not working,

What to do in this case? If this is your story, then there are possibilities that your body has a tolerance level towards CBD.

8. It is not for you

Tired of trying everything? You might have tried every step strictly but failed at the end. It signifies a simple thing that CBD is not for you.

Doctors have found that 20% of people can form endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids are similar to cannabinoids that CBD forms in our body. If your body already has enough endocannabinoids, you may not see any change in your body upon taking CBD externally.



Usage and response of CBD have been debatable and are a matter of research. If you have done the research, then all you need to do is to wait. Do not jump to any conclusion too soon and give up using CBD. Everything has its own time to generate a response. Being patient and positive always helps. Trust the decision you made. Don’t think of CBD as a miracle agent.