8 Design Tips For Eye-Catching Packaging Design

28th November 2023

Product packaging is an extremely important part of the advertising process. Eye-catching packaging should have several points of contact with the customer. The labeling on the box tells the consumer exactly what they’re getting and gives them peace of mind. To achieve this goal, brand owners must understand customer behavior and incorporate what’s best for the likelihood of the customers. 

However, every business owner must come up with a highly appealing design for exceptional product packaging. As a result, you can position your business for growth and bring in a loyal customer base. Never let packaging deter customers from making a purchase.

If you are having a difficult time integrating eye-catching design in product packaging, you are on the right page. In this article, we have gathered a list of tips for eye-catching packaging design. 

What is package design software?  

Current package design software makes 3D packaging models easy to produce. These apps let designers visualize the final product by creating lifelike package mockups. These applications provide several possibilities for box, bag, container, and printed labels templates.

Packaging software frequently contains structural design, prototype, and cosmetic capabilities. Designers may prototype packaging in a virtual environment before manufacturing. This increases production and lowers design iteration and error costs.

Tips on Creating Eye-Catching Packaging

  • Begin Early

Get Going on Your Packaging Designs When a product is still in its infancy. Jot down a few possibilities so you can see the result. Check and examine the packaging tactics utilized by some of your competitors. Inspiration for packaging may be found in anything, not only similar products. Develop working models after surveying possible buyers. It is the customers who are in the best position to express their requirements and preferences.

  • Keep it simple

There are numerous cases when less is more. Overly promotional packaging may turn potential buyers off. Verify that the contents of the box are used only for their intended use. The packaging has to be lightweight and easy to carry while also protecting the goods from harm and providing any instructions that could be needed. Spending money on bespoke packaging or just folding carton packaging that doesn’t serve a purpose wastes marketing funds.

  • Consider Branding and Positioning

Do not ignore the importance of branding and market positioning. Understanding who you’re selling to requires you to specify their needs and wants. Researching the intended consumers is essential to developing effective and appealing packaging. Determine where your product excels and where your competitors fall short and address those gaps.

  • Understand the source of selling 

There are significant differences between running an internet business and a brick-and-mortar shop. Because they can’t examine the product up close, potential buyers must rely on the packaging to capture their curiosity. Products on store shelves still need to stand out by offering something competitors don’t.

  • Focus on typography

Packaging design tool must have legible printing, whether sold online, in a store, or both. The font size should be large or small, depending on the reading level of the target audience. The color of the lettering should correspond to the color of the packaging. As a result, it’s crucial to put the spotlight on key details rather than filler text when designing packaging. Customers won’t buy a thing if they have to strain their eyes to see the glowing product description.

  • Think green

Consumers are becoming more aware of the role their spending may play in alleviating environmental issues. Most people recycle and want product packaging to also be helpful to the environment. Attractive, eco-friendly package design is a powerful tool for expanding market share.

Production constraints may also be imposed by law. Some are restricted by law, but activists and lobbying groups should nevertheless take notice. The bottom line may benefit from a company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

  • Hold the Consumer’s Attention

By analyzing the market, you may find new ways to attract and retain clients. Because of their short attention spans, buyers generally desire numerous additional characteristics before completing a purchase. However, the packaging shouldn’t have so many contrasting fonts, colors, and other design elements that it becomes meaningless. It might take some trial and error to get the optimal setting. Keep clients coming back by making slight tweaks to the bundle every two years or so.

  1. Consider it an Investment.

Packaging that shows thought and care shows buyers that you value the product they are purchasing. Remember that the product’s packaging directly represents the brand, and if the customer does not see value in the product based on its design, they will not rush out to purchase it.

Why is important Eye-Catching Packaging Design for online business 

Online retailers need appealing packaging for several reasons. Given the number of alternatives internet customers have, a product’s packaging’s aesthetic appeal may affect its bottom line. Here are several reasons to invest in online box design software:

  • Presenting Yourself

Product images and container designs are typically the first points of contact with buyers in the digital marketplace. Potential clients are more likely to notice and enjoy unique packaging, boosting the chance of a sale.

  • Logo Recognition

Packaging that sticks out helps people remember your brand and products. Uniform and identifiable packaging helps shoppers choose a brand from various options. This is key to brand loyalty and repeat business.

  • Shares brand values

The packaging design tool conveys the brand’s ideals, personality, and product essence. The color palette, font, and artwork of a product may reveal its aesthetics, function, and lifestyle. Building consumer relationships requires this communication.

  • Web visibility

While brick-and-mortar stores need things on display, e-commerce does, too. Shoppers are more inclined to choose products with attractive displays in online stores and search results. This online “shelf presence” may boost traffic and revenue.

  • Builds Self-Esteem

If the box looks good, a buyer is more inclined to purchase from a respectable brand. Customers trust a product’s quality; it is worth more if it is carefully designed and packaged.

  • Online-storefront compatible

An attractive package considers its physical and digital forms. Eye-catching product thumbnails and images on e-commerce sites increase clicks and revenues.

  • Finishing touch

E-commerce sites should invest in appealing packaging. Modern digital economies are competitive, and smart design may make or kill a firm. Due to online competition, successful companies realize they must establish an aesthetic impact to attract and keep consumers.


There is a lot of competition, so you’ll need to go outside the box to meet the demands of your consumers for attractive product packaging. If you play your cards well, your business will thrive. At Brush Your Ideas, you can get your hands on online box design software solutions that help you create top-notch packaging designs that will grab the attention of the customers. Our software solution comes with innovative features that make it easier for businesses to create eye-catching designs for packaging.