8 Best Ideas for 30 Birthday Party Decorations

4th May 2022

When you turn 30, you often reconsider many of your life goals, and sometimes even try to find a new path in life. At this crucial moment, you want to celebrate your birthday in a way to be remembered for a long time!

The impression of the holiday depends much on how beautifully you arrange it! Fluffy pom-poms and candles in beautiful candle holders, natural flowers and greenery, ribbons and confetti, huge balloon arches, colorful garlands, and shiny quality balloon numbers like these https://balloons.online/numbers-balloons/ — all this will help you transform your interior and add some festive vibes in no time!

Pay attention to a few top ideas that will surprise all your guests and won’t make you go broke!

Balloon numbers compositions

At first glance, such balloons may seem simple, but you just have to see some wonderful compositions with these shiny items combined with other decorations!

Usually, designers use them to decorate the tops of balloon columns: this makes pillars look more complete. However, they can also be used as elements of grand arches, huge balloon walls, and, of course, colorful garlands! 

Also, you can simply set up these numbers near your photo zone by adding a bright garland with a ribbon curtain and scattering large latex inflatables on the floor.

Cupcake Liner Garland

What could be better than cupcakes for your birthday? Well, there is one thing, — a yummy cupcake garland!

This decoration goes well with any other centerpieces, even complementing them sometimes. The most interesting thing is that you will have all the materials you need right at hand, because… you are going to treat your guests with cupcakes, aren’t you?

Confetti Balloons

On the one hand, these are all the same balloons that we are so used to and that make everyone so happy… On the other hand, these are large transparent inflatables filled with shiny confetti, and this is, maybe, the most popular choice for party decor today!

If you don’t want to do it the hard way, then just take a few of these balls, combine them into a bouquet, and create a bright centerpiece in no time!

Zig-Zag Streamers

Are you still looking for the coolest decor for your 30th birthday party? Then give these colorful zig-zag streamers a chance, and you won’t go wrong! This decor looks minimalistic, but at the same time very bright and festive.

The best part is that it is very easy to make: you only need scissors and paper. Oh, we almost forgot – grab some tape to attach your decorations!

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

You can see this decoration idea in any party design online magazine, but this does not mean that it becomes some boring mainstream thing!

Of course, you will need some time and effort to get the result that meets your expectations but believe us, it’s worth it!

Washi Tape Straws and Bottles

One of the most common mistakes that party planners make is serving drinks to guests in typical identical glasses. Being engaged in a conversation, people can just mix up the glasses, and in the end, you will not have extra clean glasses to give to your friends.

You can easily avoid this situation by buying glasses of various colors. However, this is not always appropriate, and yes, there is a simpler way out! Just use the washi tape to quickly and easily mark glasses, bottles, and drinking straws for your guests so they don’t get confused! You can even write their names on glasses — they will be just happy!

Hot Air Balloons

If you’re tired of regular latex balloons but have a dozen spare inflatables, then you shouldn’t worry: you can easily turn them into mini hot air balloons. In just half an hour, you can create stunning decorations that will appeal to both children and adults!

Message Made of Sequins

As the one who organizes a party, you’ll probably want to create a special message for the birthday person. 

If you want to make it brighter and more eye-catching, then opt for sequins! You should know one thing: anything seems brighter and more festive with sequins!