7 Must Watch Movies for Programmers

Watching movies is an exciting time that you can use both for learning and relaxation. Many people all over the world spend a lot of hours in front of the screen. Movies are a topic for discussions with friends and the community. Scientific films, documentaries, fantasy attract different personalities so everybody can find something special thanks to this diversity. It is not a secret that programmers work a lot, and their work is intellectual. An obligatory condition to be a successful developer is to find your way of resting. This is the one side of movies. Another side is receiving information that can be useful, interesting, or knowledgeable. If you want to be aware of what your friends at work are talking about and understand the examples they give from the movies, you need to watch these films below. 

7 Important Movies for Programmers 

  1. The imitation game (2014). IMDb – 8,0. This film is about Enigma – a german encryption machine that was developed during World War II. The perfect acting of Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Mathison Turing shows us the work of the programmer that changed history. You can say that he was more scientist than a real programmer, but at those times, these two professions were very close. His goal was to decipher the code that the german army used for inside messaging. We must notice that they created a great mechanism that was ahead of its time. The movie is based on real events and shows us how programmers influenced the war.
  2. Ex Machina (2014). IMDb – 7,7. Fortunately, this movie doesn’t relate to reality, but it seems that our society is very close to this reality. As you can understand from the name of the film, it is about artificial intelligence and people in one reality. Ex Machina reminds us that we can’t equate feelings of the robot and the person, and we can’t predict how this strong creature will react. Watching Boston Dynamics sweet videos, we always must remember that every programmer must control his program and robot in every situation.  
  3. The fifth estate (2013). IMDb – 6,2. The thriller is also based on real events and tells a story that changed the whole modern world. Julian Paul Assange is a creator of WikiLeaks that opened a lot of secret information to the world. Some of those facts were dangerous and influenced the lives of agents and secret plans of government unpredictably. It is still an open question about such actions, and it is not obvious that it was right. But on the other hand, powerful countries and their governments must feel that they can’t act with impunity and people look at them carefully.  
  4. The social network (2010). IMDb – 7,7. This movie shows us Mark Zuckerberg’s life and his main achievement – Facebook. Brilliant programmer Mark wanted to improve the communication using a small network that has outgrown an international project that brings a lot of money and gathered billions of people. It is also about how a programmer became an owner and manager and a lot of problems that accompany this success. On the other hand, you must remember that nobody from the Facebook team took part in the scenario, so we can hardly say that dialogues are real, but the main plot is a reality.  
  5. Untraceable (2008). IMDb – 6,2. The movie is about a programmer and his website that he created for attracting victims. It is a great example of the Goldberg machine’s principle that programmers use for protecting their cod from hackers. The Goldberg machine is irreplaceable when you need to transform the simple action in a very complicated way. The thriller shows the people only as a curious society that is ready to do anything for their entertainment. It is also about a brilliant programmer who sent his knowledge for a frightening goal.
  6. Snowden (2016). IMDb – 7,3. The movie is close to its main thoughts to The fifth estate and also based on real events. It is about outstanding American programmer Edward Snowden who worked on government and was disappointed in it later. The reason was that the government followed a lot of people all over the world, invading privacy. He opened this information to everybody and provided evidence. 
  7. The Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999). IMDb – 7,3. As you see, the movie is more than 20 years old, so it will not be as fast and dynamic. It seems that it is the best film of the 90th about Mr. Jobs. Mr. Gates and Mr. Wozniak. In 1999 they were closer to the facts that now are the history of two huge companies that rule an IT world.    

If you follow this list, we believe that you will be satisfied. Time spent on each of these films is a good time that later will give a result—at the same time, watching movies, you already can catch some features or solutions useful for you. We believe that this list fits programmers and all the people who like to turn on the brain or discover exciting facts from history. 

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