6 Ways to Improve Employee Morale in a Time of Uncertainty

20th August 2022

In the UK, we have transitioned from years of coronavirus restrictions to a cost-of-living crisis. In such times of uncertainty, it is only logical that employee morale might take a significant knock. But how can you, as an employer or manager, help to improve employee morale during difficult times? Let’s look.

1.Offer meaningful rewards

It goes without saying that at this time, one of the biggest anxieties will be money. As the cost-of-living crisis wages on, and we are still feeling the effects of the Covid lockdowns, this has left many people with financial worries.

If you can’t afford to increase your employees’ wages, don’t worry. Instead, offer your employees a meaningful employee rewards programme. This could consist of gift cards and vouchers, assistance with childcare, life insurance, access to private healthcare, and more. Even money off a gym membership can go a long way towards a reprieve from the uncertainty.

2.Lead by example

A happy leader makes for a happy workforce, according to Forbes. What they coin ‘purposeful kindness’ is an ideal leadership trait, as it encourages leaders to recognise employees whose job itself supports theirs.

Thus, by showing that you have a positive attitude, this will undoubtedly rub off on your employees, keeping them happy and boosting morale. This is because it will help to develop a team spirit within the organisation, and one of recognition and encouragement.

3.Have clear, open, and honest communication

Communication is key to a successful business and a happy working environment. This goes both ways – you as an employer being honest and clear about what you expect, and how the business is doing, and allowing employees to be honest and open about their worries and concerns.

Operate an open-door policy for your employees to come to you with any queries or anxieties they might have. This will also allow you to see what kind of help employees might appreciate the most, allowing you to tailor the benefits and rewards you offer more effectively.

4.Always be empathetic

Employee morale is not only affected by issues in the workplace, but also by things happening at home. This is going to be especially important during such times of uncertainty like this. It’s important to always remain human and empathetic – if there is something going on outside of work that they aren’t talking about, this can affect their performance during the workday, after all.

5.Encourage mental wellbeing

Studies have shown that the cost of living crisis is harming mental health, as was the case with other times of uncertainty like the coronavirus pandemic. This means that mental wellbeing is more important than ever before, so encourage employees to actively employ wellness techniques.

6.Provide informative resources

In times of uncertainty, one of the main concerns is not knowing what is to come. To counteract this, provide employees with information and resources that they might need to get through this crisis, such as financial advice, links to Citizens Advice Bureau, and mental health support.

Taking the time to invest in your employees’ wellbeing can pay dividends, boosting mental health and employee morale for years to come.