6 Things You Should Be Doing to Protect Your iPhone

15th September 2023

When the iPhone X first arrived on the scene, it was notable for a few things. Aside from the introduction of the infamous “notch,” it was the first mainstream phone to breach the $1000 mark. This marked a watershed moment when phones turned from mere pocket computers to perhaps the most important electronic devices the average person will ever own. Nowadays, it’s not unusual to fork out well over $1400 for the latest and greatest models, with even more expensive options coming down the line thanks to the current high inflationary environment. So what has all of this got to do with protecting your iPhone, you might ask? Well, thanks to the incredibly high cost, iPhone owners who don’t happen to be the recipient of a trust fund should be doing everything possible to protect their valuable investment.

This post will examine six actions that you can take to ensure your iPhone will last the course and keep your valuable data safe.

Backup, Backup, Backup!

Backing up data is a long-established protocol for anyone not looking to cry themselves to sleep after losing their precious photos and other valuable data. Fortunately, Apple has made it relatively straightforward in this regard, even if they still refuse to enable a simple file transfer method like their Android counterparts. Although there are plenty of iPhone backup methods to choose from, arguably the least complicated is paying for an iCloud account (the free option doesn’t provide enough space) and syncing your iPhone to it. All that is required is a journey to your settings and enabling the “backup to iCloud” option. Make sure you are connected to Wifi because your first-time backup could involve large amounts of data, and you don’t want to blast through your data plan in one fell swoop! Once you have initiated this option, all subsequent backups should occur automatically and in the background.

Invest In A High-Quality Case

This next tip is a bit of a divisive one because some people prefer to err on the side of caution, while others want to show off their shiny new iPhone in all its glory, unsullied by third-party accessories! Nevertheless, if you want to protect your not-insignificant investment, you should probably be the former rather than the latter. If you are genuinely concerned that a case will make your phone look ugly, you can opt for a clear silicone case that, while it won’t provide the best protection, is certainly better than nothing. A case is so valuable because no matter how cautious you might be, there are always times when our clumsier selves come out. This might be after a few drinks with friends or that time you thought it was a good idea to take your phone out of your pocket while cycling to look up directions and drop it on the rock-hard pavement…Although a case certainly isn’t a panacea, it can help you avoid scratches, dings, and dents and keep your iPhone looking as new as the day you bought it.

Screen Protectors Provide Peace Of Mind

Similar to a case, a screen protector is an additional shield against everyday wear and tear. Just because your device has the latest and greatest version of Gorilla Glass or whatever their latest “Ceramic Shield” tech might be, it is still glass and, therefore, prone to cracks and scratches. A screen protector won’t stop the glass from breaking if dropped; it can help to absorb the numerous scrapes a screen can find itself facing when in a purse or a pocket. In addition, if the protector gets scratched up too much, it is easy to swap out and restore your phone’s original shine.

Use An Apple Certified Charger

Just because Apple has chosen to be gracious enough to offer a self-repair kit to replace dead batteries, it doesn’t mean that this is something you’ll want to do. Instead, looking after your battery is always best to ensure it can retrain its charge for as long as possible. In order to achieve this, it is recommended only to purchase Apple-certified chargers and use the correct technology as outlined by the company. This will ensure you don’t overcharge the battery and the cells remain in excellent condition for their lifetime.

Keep Your Device Updated

Updates are about more than simply adding new features; they can include patches that block hackers from taking advantage of vulnerabilities. Even though iPhones remain one of the more secure mobile options because of their highly locked-down ecosystem, because of their ubiquity, hackers are always playing a cat-and-mouse game to try and gain a foothold. By keeping the device updated automatically, you can keep your data secure.

Enable Find My Phone

Almost everyone has woken up from a heavy night out and felt the pang of fear that surges through the body when they are unable to find their phone. To avoid this scenario, you should enable the Find My Phone feature. This option allows you to log into your iCloud account and pinpoint where you left it with very high accuracy. Furthermore, if there is no chance of retrieving it, you can completely wipe the data, so all you lose is your (very expensive) phone and not your (even more valuable) data.

As you can see, you can do plenty of things to keep your iPhone safe and secure. Aside from backing up, which everyone should do regularly, you might want to encase it with a case and screen protector and enable automatic updates, etc.