6 Things You Didn’t Know About Crypto Gambling

3rd June 2022

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm in recent years, with Bitcoin and Ethereum becoming household names. As this new technology has gained popularity, so too has its use in online gambling. In this article, you will learn about six things you may not know about crypto gambling!

Not All Platforms Are The Same

It’s common knowledge that there are tons of platforms where you can gamble with crypto but not all are built the same. You can read this WTKR’s article and see what are their picks for the best websites you can do this. This will help you make an informed decision once you decide to play. 

Research every website and read reviews before gambling. Each platform has different offerings when it comes to games, bonuses, and payouts. You don’t want to be surprised by what you find after signing up.

The next thing to know about crypto gambling is that platforms can differ in the games they offer. Some platforms might only offer casino games, while others will have a wider range of options, including sports betting and horse racing. It’s important to find a platform that offers the games you’re interested in playing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that platforms can differ in their bonuses and promotions. Some platforms might offer a welcome bonus, while others might have ongoing promotions. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of any bonus or promotion before taking advantage of it.

Finally, platforms can also differ in terms of payouts. When gambling with real money, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best possible payout. 

With crypto gambling, you can often get higher payouts than with traditional gambling platforms. However, it’s still important to do your research and compare payouts before choosing a platform.

Bonuses Provided To Players 

People love gambling, but an added benefit to crypto casinos is the fact that there are bonuses. When you gamble with real money, bonuses are not given out as much. 

However, gambling with crypto comes with bonuses. These bonuses can be in the form of free spins or even matching deposits. This is an added benefit to playing at a crypto casino.

Another great thing about bonuses is that they can help you build your bankroll. If you are new to gambling, then bonuses can help you get started without having to risk a lot of your own money. 

You can use bonuses to try out different games and see which ones you like the best. Once you find a game that you enjoy, you can start playing for real money and increase your chances of winning big!

It’s More Accessible 

As cryptocurrency has experienced a boom, so did gambling with it. Now, there are more platforms and casinos that gamble with cryptocurrency than ever before. This means that it’s become more accessible to those who want to try it out. All you need is a computer or phone and an internet connection and you can start gambling with cryptocurrency.

This accessibility is one of the reasons why cryptocurrency gambling has become so popular. It’s easy to get started and there are plenty of options to choose from. So if you’re looking for a new way to gamble, cryptocurrency gambling might be for you.

As soon as you get your hands on some cryptocurrency, you can start gambling with it. There are plenty of casinos and platforms that accept cryptocurrency. This makes it easy to get started and try out something new.

So if you’re interested in gambling with cryptocurrency, now is the time to give it a try. With its ease of accessibility and popularity on the rise, there’s never been a better time to try cryptocurrency gambling. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite way to gamble. 

The Games You Can Play 

There are multiple games offered to you on various gambling sites. These are the following:

  • Dice games
  • Sports games
  • Poker games
  • Slot games
  • Roulette

You can find all these games and more on gambling sites that accept cryptocurrency. The most popular ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. All you need is to fund your account with the desired amount of cryptocurrency and start playing the game of your choice. 

Most sites also offer live casino options where you can play against a real dealer instead of a computer program. This adds to the excitement and experience of online gambling. 

Another advantage of crypto gambling is that it offers provably fair gaming. What this means is that the results of each game are verifiable by anyone who wants to check it. This ensures transparency and fairness in the games offered, something that is lacking in traditional online casinos.


Security should be your main concern when gambling online with cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. First, make sure the site you’re using is reputable by doing some research on it. 

Read reviews and see what other people have to say about it. You should also make sure the site uses SSL encryption to protect your personal and financial information. 

Finally, never gamble more than you can afford to lose. By following these safety tips, you can ensure that your experience gambling with cryptocurrencies is a positive one. 

Your Winnings Depend On Market Fluctuation

It’s essential to remember that your winnings will go up and down depending on the market. So, if you’re lucky enough to win big, don’t spend it all in one go! Keep an eye on the market and cash out when it’s high.

Of course, this also works in reverse. If you lose money, don’t despair! The market will eventually rebound and you can try again.

Stay informed and you’ll be able to take advantage of the volatility. This isn’t important just for gambling, but also for investing in general.

Remember, if you win big, cash out when the market is high! And if you lose money, don’t despair because the market will eventually rebound. Stay informed and be prepared to take advantage of volatility in order to win big! 

Crypto gambling is extremely popular right now, but you do need to find the right platform which will give you good bonuses for winning. This way of gambling is also more accessible and there are tons of games to play. Safety should be your main concern and make sure to stay informed on the market because your winnings depend on it. Good luck!